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Puzzle Platformer The Secret Of Space Octopuses Leaps Onto Android

Platforming fans are in for a real treat today as Fusty Game’s highly anticipated platformer The Secret Of Space Octopuses has finally been released. This gorgeous sidescroller boasts console quality production values, exploration heavy gameplay, and takes inspiration from the best of the “metroidvania” genre.

Players take on the role of Little Buddy, a talented but young genius whose peaceful world is turned upside down when he and his entire village are abducted by insidious aliens who just so happen to bear a striking resemblance to octopuses. After managing to break free from his captors he finds himself lost inside their massive ship and decides to build a giant robot in order to rescue his village and lay the smackdown on the alien invaders. The robot, appropriately named B.O.T.(Bunch Of Trash), can do alot more than smash things though as it can also absorb nearly anything in the environment and change it into a useful tool or weapon.

This gives The Secret Of Space Octopuses an interesting puzzle element, and since there is never just one way to get past an obstacle players can adopt any number of different strategies to defeat their mollusky enemies. Glueboxes can be thrown at enemies to stick them in place or used to climb walls and Rockboxes can serve as shields or be used as stepping stones, a heavy emphasis has been placed on freedom of gameplay in this imaginative title.


A beatiful metroidvania style platformer with console quality production values, The Secret Of Space Octopuses is available now on both OUYA and Google Play for $4.99 and $2.50 respectively.


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