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Kickstarter Spotlight: Soul Power

Soul Power is a new Kickstarter project from the indie developer Ghost Time Studios. This game is an absolutely stunning 2D physics-platformer that follows the dark and mysterious story of a small ghost in the afterlife.

So you find yourself in control of a little red and white ghost that is lost and confused by his arrival in the afterlife. He has no idea of how or why he ended up in this predicament, and it’s going to be your job to help him figure this out. You will explore this mysterious world and converse with a wide array of ghostly inhabitants that might just be able to help you find the answers you are looking for. Who knows, maybe learning more about these other ghosts might help you learn a bit about yourself too.


Some of Soul Power’s Key Features:
  • 40 timed levels in addition to 9 overworld areas
  • Unique and personal stories tied to each level
  • Over 16 original musical themes
  • Online leaderboards and achievements through Google+


The developer of Soul Power feels that the majority of games being released onto mobile devices provide the gamer with a very shallow experience. Because of this he has been working to make Soul Power into something different than the majority of mobile games on the market. Soul Power features an in-depth story that is learned by interacting with the many ghosts that inhabit the afterlife. These ghosts will provide you with advice that will help you along your journey, but they will also tell you stories of their past and teach you the ins-and-outs of the afterlife.

The gameplay in Soul Power is partly based on the exploring elements mentioned above, but the real meat of the gameplay is the game’s tricky physics-based stages. Some ghosts in the afterlife have lost their memories, and it’s up to you to collect them and return them to their rightful owner. You will float through the levels collecting these  memories while building combos and aiming for a rating out of 3 stars. These stars act as souls, and you’ll need to get as many to progress deeper into the afterlife and figure out why you’re really there.


Part of the appeal of all Kickstarter projects are the rewards funders get for showing their support. Soul Power’s rewards don’t disappoint, and for donating just a tiny $1 donation will give you access to the full PC version upon its release. If you donate $5 you will get PC game, the game’s soundtrack (which is awesome, btw!), and $10 will give you all of the rewards previously mentioned as well as a strategy guide and production commentary that have been put together by the game’s developer. If you’re willing to spend more than that you can also get your name in the game, share your very own life-changing memory, or even have dinner and drinks with the game’s developer (so long as you live in Vancouver). The perks are well laid out and at least one of the perks should appeal to the majority of gamers out there.

(If you are wondering why there aren’t any Android specific rewards listed it is because there’s no way for the developer to provide funders with promo codes for use on Google Play. Don’t worry though, as the game is going be priced at just $1 once it hits Google Play.)

SP10 SP11

Fans of indie games really need to check out the Kickstarter campaign for Ghost Time Games’ upcoming physics-based platformer Soul Power. The unique art style, in-depth story elements, and fun gameplay elements make this a game you’re not going to want to miss out on. And hey, a $1 donation will give you access to the full game on PC! How can you say no to that?


Developer Website: Ghost Time Games

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