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Chiptune Runner Does The Electric Slide Onto Google Play

Runners in and of themselves tend not to have alot of content, many of them only have a single mode to speak of. That is not the case however with independent development studio Evil Indie Games and their newest release, the musical platforming hybrid Chiptune Runner. This game isn’t afraid to be a little eccentric and try things never before seen in the genre.

Like other musically themed platformers, the action in Chiptune Runner is synchronized with head bobbing synth tracks that will have players grooving to the beat in sequence with gameplay on screen. Unlike other games of that type you aren’t doing the running per-say. Instead players will help their chosen avatar make his/her way through psychedelic death runs by actively building the levels track and clearing away obstacles by tapping with their finger. This interesting design choice adds a whole new dynamic to the genre and makes Chiptune Runner feel like a wondrous mashup of Super Meat Boy, Bomberman, and Bit.Trip Runner.

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As players progress through the game they’ll gradually unlock new instruments for use in Chiptune Runner’s fully functioning synth machine. This means that not only can players design their own levels, they’ll also be able to compose chiptune style songs as well. When you look at the sheer amount of content in Chiptune Runner it’s clear that Evil Indie Games went all out with this one.


Chiptune Runner’s unique gameplay and wealth of content make it one of the best Android runners in recent memory.

You can pick it up for $1.99 on Google Play.


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