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KittyCatch Floats Onto Android, PETA Will Not Be Pleased

One of the best things about the Google Play Store is its generally laid back attitude towards video games that a small but vocal minority of users deem offensive. Without this inclusive way of doing business many amazing indie titles would be unfairly denied a release, a problem that continues to plague a certain other mobile OS. Titles like indie developer Mosquitosoft’s newly released arcade swipefest KittyCatch.

KittyCatch is the story of an intrepid group of kitties who have been cruelly abandoned by their little girl owner who’s tied them to balloons and set them afloat. Luckily, kitties have a great sense of direction so all they need to do is ride the winds back home so they can tell on her. Unfortunately for our furry protagonists, they’ll first have to cross vast oceans teeming with deadly sharks, avoid being eaten by lions in the Serengeti, and survive all sorts of other preposterously dangerous situations. Like we said before though, these kitties are smart. Given the right power up and a little bit of time these felines will transform into kitty commandos who can hold their own against the games bloodthirsty animals.


In order for the kitties to make their way back home players will need to swipe, slash, and poke away the vicious predators who want them for lunch. While at first glance KittyCatch’s gameplay may resemble one of the many Fruit Ninja clones out there, it’s a much deeper game than that. There is quite a bit of strategy involved as players need to make split second decisions about which kittie can hold his own long enough in order for the player to have enough time to save another kitten from certain doom. As the game progresses and the animals become more ferocious, the kittens themselves will start fighting back by picking up shotguns, dousing enemies in liquid nitrogen, and zooming away to safety on a high powered jetpack.

KittyCatch is one good looking game. The action’s been rendered with gorgeous 2D animations that represent over 2 years of animation work by Mosquitosoft. Similarly high production values pervade the game’s sound design and gameplay, a refreshing change from what has become the norm in mobile titles.


A hilariously entertaining action hybrid with its tongue held firmly in cheek, KittyCatch is a new kind of swipefest every gamer should check out. It’s available now on Google Play as both an ad-supported and a paid version for $.99.


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