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LEVEL 22 Brings Pixelized Stealth Action To Android

While odds are we’ll never see a proper Metal Gear Solid game come to Android, indie developer Noego has just the thing for the Solid Snake or Sam Fischer in all of us with its debut title, a zany stealth action adventure by the name of Level 22: Gary’s Misadventures.

In Level 22 rather than blowing up bi-pedal nuclear tanks or infiltrating a paramilitary terrorist organization, players will be taking on a less glamorous but equally dangerous mission: getting to work late without getting fired. It seems the games protagonist Gary is late for work due to a heavy night of partying the night before and if he’s to have any hope of keeping his job he’ll need to sneak his way to the top of a grueling 22 story office building without being seen by a single person. Along the way he’ll match wits with security guards, hide from coworkers, and uncover the deadly secret behind the company he works for.

level22ss1        level22ss2

Don’t let Level 22‘s charming pixel art and humorous attitude fool you, this is one tough as nails sneaking game where, thanks to its unique setting, you’ll never know quite what to expect. Whether it’s crawling through the air conditioning vents, spiking your co-workers coffee, or creating distractions by destroying office equipment Level 22 always has a fresh new gameplay element right around the corner just waiting to be exploited. This emphasis on player freedom combined with an engaging narrative makes Level 22 a truly must have title.


Hilarious, addicting, and unique, Level 22 is terrific game no self respecting stealth junkie should be without. It’s available now for $3.99 on Google Play.


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    On Google play the price of the game is going to be reduce to 3.99$.

    The Noego Team

    • Thanks for the heads up! The article’s been updated with the correct price.

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