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Retro Arcade Mashup Look Out Below! Lands On Google Play

Of all the video game protagonists you’d expect to play as in a platformer, i’d say an airplane would probably be near the bottom of the list. Yet that’s precisely the part gamers will be playing in the new arcade physics mashup Look Out Below!. The brainchild of independent development studio Popup Asylum, Look Out Below! is a genuinely unique melding of genres that makes use of simple but clever gameplay mechanics.

Look Out Below! casts players as the pilot of a damaged plane in a variety of perilous scenarios. With only one engine left they’ll have to dump out the planes cargo as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to make it home in one piece. Not all cargo is the same however, which means players will need to be mindful of where and what they’re dropping as people won’t take kindly to having livestock dropped on their houses. Successfully maintaining this delicate balance between altitude and cargo dispersal will reward players with an impressive array of unlockables such as extra modes, skins, and levels.

lookoutbelowss2 lookoutbelowss3


  • 25 unique levels over 3 campaigns
  • 24 additional challenge modes unlocked by getting gold medals
  • 3 endless levels unlocked by getting silver medals
  • Free updates
  • Secret skins for your plane


A unique and addicting arcade experience with personality to spare, Look Out Below! is available now for $.99 on Google Play.


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