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Old School Pixel Platformer Orris HD Leaps Onto Google Play

Tired of easy Android platformers? Looking for the kind of challenge old school games used to present? Well look no further, as indie developer Tim Schroeder has unleashed his tough as nails retro platformer Orris HD onto Android and iOS. This minimalisticly designed sidescroller faintly echoes classics like Super Mario Bros and Super Meat Boy but also distinguishes itself with a trippy personality, a disregard for the laws of physics, and a level of difficulty not seen since the days of the NES.

In theory the object of Orris HD sounds easy enough, requiring players to safely run and jump their way from one end of a stage to the other, in practice however it’s anything but as a seemingly endless parade of roaming buzzsaws, deadly spikes, and bottomless chasms stand between players and their objective. Even the most seasoned platforming veterans will find plenty of challenge in Orris HD’s imaginative level design and merciless margin for error. Should things prove to be too much of a challenge Orris HD also has a separate mode that gives players unlimited lives in order to practice their jumping skills.

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Once players feel confident enough they can take on arcade mode which lets them challenge their friends high scores for Google Play Games leaderboard dominance. Rather than judge players simply based on how quickly they complete a level, Orris HD uses an intriguing campaign style score tracker that aggregates both number of tries and timing into an overall score for a more representative leaderboard system. A full suite of console style achievements rounds out the experience and provides an uber difficult challenge for trophy hunters.


Tim Schroeder’s Orris HD is an addicting platformer with imaginative level design and a flair for the challenging. Super Meat Boy fans should definitely check this one out. It’s available now on Google Play in both free to play and paid forms with the latter going for $.99.


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