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Zombie Beat ‘Em Up Dead Rushing HD Shuffles Onto Android

Ever wonder what would happen if Streets Of Rage and Resident Evil got together, fell in love, and had a baby? Well you’d probably end up with something like Dead Rushing HD, a genre fusing gorefest and the newest game from Crusaders studio Dancing Cat DevelopmentThis ambitious new side scroller puts a unique spin on “runner” style gameplay by incorporating some rather unexpected design traits usually associated with arcade brawlers and survival horror titles.

Set in a near future where zombies and other nightmarish creatures have overrun the planet, players take on the role of one of the last remaining survivors who’s brave enough to fight back. It’s up to this lone badass to brawl his way through the undead hordes that guard the ultimate evil that spawned them. It won’t be easy though as once you start slaying enough zombies the (evil) powers that be will take note and dispatch much tougher monstrosities to ruin our hero’s already crummy day.

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As with many arcade brawlers, the action takes place in a sidescrolling 2D arena filled with multiple opponents. Where it differentiates itself however is by having the player literally run through the levels punching giant spiders and blasting zombies in the head using mechanics you’d normally find in a survival horror game. This design philosophy permeates every aspect of Dead Rushing HD and gives it a uniquely appealing flavor.


Dead Rushing HD‘s genre spanning gameplay and addicting arcade design make for a terrifically entertaining action horror romp. You can pick it up now for $1.99 on Google Play.


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