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Arcade Shoot ‘Em Up Prohibition 1930 Blasts Onto Android

When Prohibition first hit the Amstrad CPC way back in 1987, it received near universal acclaim for its immersive first person gameplay. Player and critic alike were absolutely enthralled by what was for many their first introduction to the concept of the light gun shoot ’em up well before any such thing existed. While by all accounts Prohibition had long since faded into gamings history, it seems its being given new life in the form of a modern day sequel called Prohibition 1930. It’s the latest in independent studio Anuman Interactive’s “Joystick Replay” series, a nostalgic initiative dedicated to revitalizing classic titles with modern day graphics and production qualities.

Like its predecessor, Prohibition 1930 is a noir tale of revenge set against a gritty backdrop of wise crackin’ gangsters and tommy gun fueled shootouts. Players will wage a one man war against the mafia as detective William Hall, a man with nothing to lose and a whole lot of bullets. Along the way they’ll gather clues, interrogate suspects, and decide whether to arrest their gangster enemies or simply blow them away.

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An over the top on rails shooter, Prohibition 1930 takes cues from arcade classics like Time Crisis and House Of The Dead while still maintaining the distinct noir vibe of the original. Players will blast their way through hordes of enemies while chaining together kills and pulling of special trick shots. A number of abilities become available over the course of the game like ducking for cover or even engaging “bullet time”.


An action packed remake of a defining video game classic, Prohibition 1930 is available now for $1.99 on the Amazon Appstore and is expected to make its way onto Google Play soon.


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