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PinWar Brings Deathmatch Style Pinball To Android

Pinball and electronic gaming go together like peanut butter and jelly. Even before Asteroid “pew pewed” its first space rock, this noble genre of mechanical masterpieces was introducing players the world over to the concept of computer powered gaming. It’s no wonder then that we’ve seen pinball games on every platform imaginable, and due to their ubiquitous market presence why creating a unique entry in the genre can present a near insurmountable task for developers. While most pinball games play it safe and focus on hyper-realism, an innovative new spin on the series called PinWar has arrived on Android and it dares to be different.

Developed by indie studio Prank Games and released by fan favorite publisher BulkyPix, PinWar is a psychedelic spinoff on classic pinball that incorporates interesting new ideas like pinball style deathmatches, mind bending level design, and a bevy of never before seen applications. Rather than simply launch balls at ramps and bumpers, players will face off against either an AI or human opponent in a battle of wits and reflexes to see who can win by causing the other to lose. This radical twist on pinball completely changes its dynamic with a feel that’s both a radical and completely natural progression for the genre.


In addition the the main campaign mode that has players facing off against opponents in increasingly complex stages, an equally engaging mission mode provides a diverse array of pinball spinoffs of its own. One moment players will be blasting targets in a psychedelic Pachinko machine and the next they’ll be playing a breakout mashup with decidedly less predictable physics than brick breakers are known for. An incredibly robust level editor rounds out the list and gives players the same tools the developers have to make jaw dropping new levels, giving PinWar practically unlimited replayability.


A ridiculously fun spin on classic pinball, PinWar is innovative and addicting while still remembering its roots. You can pick it up now for $1.99 on Google Play.


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