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Hybrid Strategy Game Def Swarms Onto OUYA

The OUYA may have had a fair amount of criticism as of late, but no one can deny the quality indie games that continue to arrive on the Android micro console on a regular basis. Games like independent developer OMGWTFGAMES’s innovative hybrid strategy title Def, which has just arrived on the OUYA store.

Occupying a space somewhere between a real time strategy game and a tower defense title, Def is an addicting assault on the senses filled with psychedelic visuals and uniquely challenging gameplay. Unlike most strategy games, Def has a surprisingly well written backstory filled with intergalactic diplomacy and intrigue. As the very first visitor to an alien armada that has appeared in our solar system, players will be quickly thrust into an intergalactic conflict that gives them control over a vast alien fleet defending human and alien alike from a menacing insect horde. Things may not be as they seem however as players will be able to question our new alien allies through branching dialog paths that gives the proceedings a “choose your own adventure” vibe.

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Hypnotic and beautiful, Def‘s electric neon graphical style is modeled after an artist’s interpretation of what an alien user interface may look like. In this case it’s a high tech security system that lets players place defensive units at the ships perimeter. These “towers” aren’t invincible and can be destroyed if they take enough damage which creates a tense back and forth with the insect hordes. Interestingly the enemy AI is based on actual insect swarm behavior as enemy units will drop pheromones wherever they go which dynamically creates a new path to test your defenses.


Def is a wildly addicting spin on the strategy genre that will melt your brain with its psychedelic visuals. It’s available now for $1.99 on OUYA’s everywhere.


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