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The Blockheads Bring Sandbox Style Adventure To Android

Noodlecake Studios, well known for its innovative games lineup, has been on a noble mission to help bring over some of iOS’s best indie titles to Android where such games tend to thrive due to its more inclusive app store policy. This fine tradition continues with Noodlecake’s newest release, a fantastic port of Majic Jungle Software’s sidescrolling sandbox adventure The Blockheads that not only completely recreates the original game but has also adds brand new content to reflect a simultaneous release with the updated iOS version.

An open ended world building game in the tradition of Minecraft, The Blockheads brings a sidescrolling perspective to the genre while also placing a heavier emphasis on exploration and adventure. Players are dropped in an empty world with nothing but a shovel and the ability to go anywhere and do practically anything. This sandbox approach to gaming gives The Blockheads a near endless amount of choices for gameplay while putting its own spin on things with the ability to control multiple players at once and real time weather effects.



• Control your blockheads in a vast randomly generated world with oceans, mountains, forests, deserts and deep underground caves.
• Keep an eye on their needs – give them sleep, feed them, create clothing and shelter – and they’ll be happier, quicker and more productive.
• Craft tools with the resources they find, and they’ll be able to work even faster and find more resources.
• Upgrade workbenches and unlock more advanced items to craft.
• Discover precious stones and metals deep underground, or rare plants and animals on the surface.
• Craft a boat and navigate the oceans using the accurate night sky to guide you.
• Make fur clothing and venture to the North Pole.
• Pick coconuts at a tropical beach.
• Cook meat at a campfire.
• Build a marble palace.
• Paint the walls.
• Plant an orchard.
• Ride a donkey!


An epic sandbox adventure, The Blockheads is available now for free on Google Play.


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