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Lucha Zombie Smacks Down on Google Play

When we hear about a zombie apocalypse we hear stories about those on farms and those in the cities, but why is it that we never hear about what happens to the high-flying antics of the wrestlers that try so hard to captivate us? The indie development studio Subversive Studios brings the wrestler’s story to life in their new game Lucha Zombie, and you’ll see how the only weapon this group of overly muscular men need to defend themselves from the zombie apocalypse are their acrobatic finishing moves.

Lucha Zombie plays out as a mix of action fighting games and wrestling games but throws in a tonne of zombies to make things a bit more interesting. Upon starting your first match you realise that your opponent isn’t exactly who you’re used to fighting. He smells kind of gross, his skin tone is green, and he’s trying to take a big bite off your head! You quickly notice that the fans in the arena have also turned into zombies, and you are completely surrounded. You’re your only defense, so pull on your spandex and great ready to fight in the biggest battle royale of your life.

lucha3 lucha1

  • Simple, pick-up-and-play arcade action
  • Fight off hordes of enemies from all sides
  • Hard hitting and high flying attacks
  • Chain together moves and attacks for bonuses
  • Pose and strut in front of the crowd to get them going
  • Classic Wrestling related weapons
  • Cage match to help lock Zombies out
  • Light your Zombies up with some pyro
  • Get your Zombies dizzy with arena lights
  • 12 playable characters, each with their own unique personality

lucha2 lucha4

Lucha Zombie brings a tonne of over the top zombie annihilation to the wrestling ring. If you’ve ever wanted to lay the smack down on some nasty zombie scum look no further than Lucha Zombie. You can grab it off of Google Play for just $1.03.


Developer Website: Subversive Studios

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