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Bite Ate Bit Releases Their New Game Mosquito Island

Mosquito Island is a brand-new game from the great indie developer Bit Ate Bit (which you may know for their work on the hit platforming series They Need To Be Fed).  In Mosquito Island you find yourself on a sun drenched island where you’ve been looking forward to a long deserved vacation. Unfortunately Mosquito Island isn’t quite the tropical paradise that you had expected, and simply put it has been overrun by hordes of blood-thirsty mosquitoes! This isn’t going to be the vacation you had been hoping for.


Mosquito Island plays out in a similar style to that found in Fruit Ninja. You are under constant attack from these pesky bugs and you’ll need to frantically slash away at them so they can’t get to your precious blood. You have three lives and your goal goal is simply to stay alive for as long as possible while building up the best high score you can muster. You’ll mostly be using your reflexes to protect you from the relentless attack by several different types of mosquitoes, but you also have a few helpful power-ups (Poison Gas and Lightning Strike) that will give you a real foot up on these troublesome blood suckers.

  • 3 locations (1 free, 2 via IAP’s)
  • 7 types of cute mosquitoes
  • Poison Gas
  • Lightning Strike
  • Mosquitopedia
  • Relaxing carribean music
  • Soothing background sounds
  • Gold Medals to collect
  • Multi-touch swiping
  • …Lots of blood splats


Fans of frantic slash ’em up games like Fruit Ninja are sure to fall in love with Mosquito Island instantly. Bit Ate Bit are well known for their high quality game releases, and Mosquito Island looks to continue this trend. Fly on over to Google Play and grab this addictive game for the nice low price of free.


Developer Website: Bit Ate Bit

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