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Innovative Arcade Puzzler Nova Maze Bursts Onto Android

Innovative is a descriptor that gets thrown around alot these days. With the adjective being used to describe a whole litany of titles that while good, often tend to fall far short of the terms lofty ideals, it can be difficult to accept a game is innovative solely on face value. When it comes to the newly released action/puzzle hybrid Nova Maze however it not only is well deserving of such praise, it stands as a shining beacon of creativity in an otherwise dreary gaming landscape.

The brainchild of independent development studio Prisma Code, Nova Maze is a hodgepodge of the action, arcade, and puzzle genres that utilizes the touchscreen environment to its benefit rather than detriment. Players are tasked with drawing their finger in a line from one end of each level to the other, a simple yet engaging gameplay mechanic that is continuously reinvented over the course of Nova Maze‘s seventy level campaign. Without lifting their finger off the screen or crashing into a wall, players must literally draw their way through topsy-turvy stages filled with shifting platforms, deadly laser grids, and brain twisting logic puzzles. This uniquely implemented design choice makes Nova Maze the most creative action puzzler in recent memory.

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  • Mind and reflex challenging puzzles around every corner!
  • HD neon style graphics and effects!
  • More than seventy action-packed puzzles, with even more coming soon!
  • Six different level groups!
  • Fourteen unlock-able achievements!
  • Dynamic obstacles that make for surprising discoveries!
  • Much more!


An addicting arcade mashup that towers above its peers, Nova Maze is available now for $1.45 on Google Play.


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