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Unlicensed Patapon Clone Marches Onto Android

Patapon has arrived on Android.

Despite being a first party Sony series for the PSP that was designed around the tactile responsiveness of a gamepad and never being officially announced for mobile devices, the quintessential rhythm- strategy mashup is inexplicably available for download on the Google Play Store. There’s a good reason for that though, as Patapon Siege Of WOW is anything but official. It’s a shameless ripoff from a no-name Chinese developer.

When blatantly copying gameplay elements from more successful titles, fly-by-night developers usually attempt to change their games presentation style, even if it’s on a purely superficial level. However Patapon Siege Of WOW‘s creator Beijing Q&D Technology must not have gotten the memo as it’s gone in completely the opposite direction. Rather than being content with ripping off both Patapon‘s name and core game design, Patapon Siege Of WOW is filled with art, music, and levels lifted directly from the original game. What’s worse, the graphics seem to have been run through a sickening neon glow filter in an attempt to “improve” their appeal.


You’d think such a blatant act of copyright infringement would quickly be given the boot from the Play Store, but things may not be so open-and-shut as Siege Of WOW seems to be receiving indirect encouragement from the most unlikely of places. Apple. While Android’s open nature allows ripoffs of this type to be self published on the Play Store, apps have to go through a rigorous certification process to be allowed on the iTunes Appstore. Which makes it all the more confusing as to why Patapon Siege Of WOW not only received distribution approval on iOS, it’s still available for sale over a month after being released. I guess that explains where they got the gall to expand their copyright infringing ways onto Android.


As for the game itself, it’s a largely uninspired mess that exists solely to extract in app purchases from unsuspecting fans. It admittedly looks pretty good, but that’s due to its wholesale theft of art assets lifted directly from the original game files. Those curious enough to try Patapon Siege Of WOW will find it to be missing key game elements, lacking in options, and filled with terri-bad English translations that seem to have been sloppily run through Google Translate. These include such gems as “Daily hunting, a lot of gold you get, as long as the effort of deep spending can not break clearance!”, one of the games listed features in its app store description.

We’ve reached out to Sony for comment on this obviously unauthorized clone and will update this page as information rolls in. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and don’t download Patapon Siege Of WOW. There are plenty of indie titles far more deserving of your time.


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  • StriderWhite

    Wow, look at the permissions:

    This app has access to these permissions:
    Your location
    approximate location (network-based)

    Your messages
    send SMS messages
    read your text messages (SMS or MMS)
    edit your text messages (SMS or MMS)
    receive text messages (SMS)

    Network communication
    full network access
    view network connections
    view Wi-Fi connections
    connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
    change network connectivity

    Phone calls
    read phone status and identity
    modify phone state
    directly call phone numbers

    modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

    Your applications information
    retrieve running apps

    Development tools
    modify secure system settings

    System tools
    change/intercept network settings and traffic
    modify system settings
    access USB storage filesystem
    test access to protected storage

    Affects Battery
    prevent device from sleeping

    Like someone said one: IT’S A TRAP!!

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