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Minimalistic Space-Physics Game Terrene Gravitates onto Google Play

The indie developer Aureoline Tetrahedron has just released their first game onto Google Player; Terrene. Terrene is a game that is all about space physics, social interaction, and logophilia (which by definition is “the love of words and word games”).

In Terrne you find yourself as the pilot of a spaceship thats engine has just broken down. While this is certainly unfortunate you are lucky enough to still have a functioning tractor beam on board. By firing the tractor beam at any of the asteroids floating around in space you will pull the asteroid towards your ship, while also moving you towards the asteroid. Doing this is completely essential in Terrene as this action will provide you with momentum to get you on your merry way, and also to help you to solve some puzzling situations that may arise.

terrene1 terrene2 terrene3

While this process has some obvious pros, there is still a high probability  that you might end up crushed if you aren’t careful. However, along your journey you’ll come across some handy power-ups like repair kits, extra lives, and data disks, that will help you get a step closer to your destination, while also giving you a nice boost towards a new high score as well.

Do you think you have what it takes to navigate through space with just your tractor beam alone?


  • Addictive procedurally generated gameplay with endless value
  • Striking, minimalistic and customizable visual
  • Featuring interesting lexicons invented by mankind around the world
  • leaderboard integration


Terrene is a very stylish space-physics game that sports a stunning minimalistic art style and unique gameplay that is sure to give gamers hours of entertainment. Head over to Google Play and snag this gem for just $0.99.


Developer Website: Aureoline Tetrahedron

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