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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #18

Welcome to another one of our weekly round-up of the hottest indie titles that we could find. We’ve found some real winners this week, so take a look and see what we’ve found. You’re sure to find at least a few games that you’re going to want to check out. Oh, and make sure you vote for your favourite title in the poll at the bottom of the page.

10 from IOJOE

10 is a brand-new and totally unique puzzle game that is looking to give your brain the ultimate workout. Oh, and it is addictive too. Unbelievably addictive! The gameplay in 10 is all about making 10’s. You slide the various numbers around the game board with the goal of getting them to add up to 10. Simple, right? Maybe to start out with, but once you delve into the game’s 140 levels (with more coming in the near future) you will see that you’ll be getting one heck of a brain workout!

10-3 10-2 10-1

10 is a hugely addictive puzzle game that sports an incredibly beautiful minimalistic style. If you’re a fan of puzzle game’s you really can’t afford to pass up on 10.


Ambush in Sector 9 from Pug Fugly Apps

Ambush in Sector 9 is an intense arcade shooter that pits you against wave after wave of vicious alien attacks. At its heart Ambush in Sector 9 is an arcade space shooter that is sure to present a challenge to gamers of all skill levels. Along your journey through space you will receive various power ups and drones that will give you a an advantage over these pesky aliens. Also, Pug Fugly Apps has added in achievements and leaderboards through the Google Game Services, which is always a huge plus in my books.

AIS9-2 AIS9-1

Ambush in Sector 9 is a great space-shooter that fans of the genre really must check out. The game’s mechanics are a lot of fun, and it’s great visuals are sure to impress any game. Head over to Google Play to get your hands on either the free ad-supported version of the game, or grab the ad-free version for just $0.99.


Deadly Bullet from Monobrow Games

Deadly Bullet is an action-packed arcade game that puts you in direct control of a very special bullet. This bullet can be directed in any direction you want it to go by simply tapping on either side of your device’s screen. This means you’ll be stearing this bullet through each of the game’s  arena-like stages while taking out every bad guy you see. Just make sure to avoid hitting buildings and cars though, as you only have 3 bullets in total. Once they’re all gone it’s game over! Luckily you’ve got some handy power-ups like a magnet or bullet-splitter that will make taking down these baddies just that much easier.

db2 db1

  • High-speed addictive bullet-flying action!
  • 3 unique locations and 9 levels to play through, with high replay value
  • Powerups to enchance and boost your gameplay!
  • 2 game modes, standard mode to develop your skills and score attack!
  • Levelling system gives you experience and points to spend on upgrades and power-ups!
  • New retro wave soundtrack featuring tracks from Flash Arnold and Tommy!
  • Free of advertisements!

Deadly Bullet is a unique arcade experience that plants you in a unique dystopian world that is filled with baddies that need to be taken care of. The game has some very fun and highly addictive gameplay, but it also features some highly stylized visuals and a retro-esque electro soundtrack that is sure to keep your adrenaline pumping. Deadly Bullet is a free download (no ads either!), so blast over to Google Play and grab it today. You wont be disappointed.


har•mo•ny from BorderLeap

Har•mo•ny is a colourful new musical-puzzle game that is about bringing together the simplicity and complexity of harmony. So that probably sounds a bit confusing, but essentially you’re going to be rearranging a variety of blocks according to a palette of colours. The blocks can only be moved up and down, or left and right, and the block must also use up all of its assigned moves. The game starts you off with simple colour palettes that consist of just 3 colours, but after a while you might find yourself facing a much more challenging 10-colour board. But as the difficulty goes up so does the beauty of each colour palette you encounter. While you play through Har•mo•ny you will be graced with elegant background music and harmonized sound effects, which makes it more of an experience than a video game.
harmony1 harmony2 harmony3
  • Simple, yet challenging gameplay
  • Custom, aesthetically-pleasing color palettes
  • Over 1000 beautiful levels
  • 3-color to 10-color boards
  • Natural progressive increase in level complexity
  • Latter levels are insanely hard!
  • Music and effects blend together in harmony
  • Share your progress on Facebook!

Har•mo•ny is a truly stunning puzzle game that is far more than just your average video game. Har•mo•ny is a beautiful experience that needs to be played to fully understood – so you should probably head over to Google Play and grab it right now!


Igloo Command from Robysoft

Igloo Command is an old-school arcade-style defence game that is quite similar to the classic game Missile Command. This time around you aren’t defending an entire modern city from an onslaught of incoming missiles. Nope. Instead you will be defending your small igloo colony from some really angry Arctic bombers. You have one main method of defence; your mega snowball cannons! Do you think you’ll be able to survive this intense bombing run and set a new high score?

igloo3 igloo2

Igloo Command is a unique take on the Missile Command formula. It sports some stunning retro graphics, and an awesome soundtrack from Audioghan. Test out Igloo Command for free on Google Play, but if you really want a crazy experience be sure to pix up the DELUXE edition. It features more of everything – which in turn makes it more awesome. Check it out!


Monkey vs Robots from Pixelatom

Monkey vs Robots is a casual puzzle game with pixel-art graphics and some mid-nineties retro feeling, with a classic arcade gameplay similar to Puzzle-Bubble or Arkanoid.

Your objective is to wipe robots out of your jungle; the less shoots you use, the better reward you will get. Just avoid the coconuts to bounce on the walls since they break before destroying the robots.

MvR1 MvR2 MvR3

  • Collect 3 bananas on each levels to unlock more stages.
  • Play through 75 different stages.
  • Discover the special balls, including pinball, bomb and pool balls.
  • Defeat the final boss and save the jungle!

If you’re looking to try this Monkey vs Robots (which I suggest you do) there is both a Lite and Full version available. The Lite will definitely give you a taste of how the game plays, but the real meat and potatoes comes in the Full version of the game (which includes 75 stages, more enemies, more special balls, a final boss battle).


PilotLight from Copperpot Games

PilotLight is a physics based platformer that has you controlling a flame with just the flick of your finger. Your goal in each level is to get this flame from the start of the level to the end while collecting buckets of fuel, avoiding obstacles, and being as quick as you possibly can be.

pilotlight1 pilotlight2

  • 16 levels.
  • 3 challenging environmental obstacles.
  • No Ads.
  • Rich, ambient graphics.
  • Medal ranking system for each level.
  • Support for tablets, and a wide range of screen sizes.
  • Developed to run on mid-range devices, as well as high end devices.

PilotLite is an awesome reflex-puzzler that is sure to entertain. Burn your way over to Google Play and check this one out.


Pixel Karts GP from Flying Cartridge

Pixel Karts is a high speed go-kart racing game that will pit you against several challenging opponents in fast paced races. This game is kart racing in it’s purest form. This means this you’ll just be worrying about who has the best handling skills — not who has the best power ups. All of this non-stop racing action takes place in a stylish retro themed world that is sure to remind you of some old school games from your childhood.


  • Genuine old-school driving experience
  • Modernized retro graphics and sounds
  • Challenging AI
  • Seamless menu – race transitions
  • No in-game loadings
  • Each kart class has his own distinctive handling mechanics

Gamers that are looking for a highly stylized retro racer with realistic go-kart elements really have to give Pixel Karts GP a serious look. Luckily for all of us the developers have released two version of the game; a free version that is ad-supported with somewhat limited features, and a paid version that has all content available and is ad free.


Shock Them All! from Monkey Wrench Games

Shock Them All! is a brand-new style of puzzle game that is truly unlike anything you’ve ever played before. While the game has been inspired by many other hugely popular games in the puzzle genre it’s easy to see that it has had some unique elements to make it stand out as something very different than those that came before it.

shock2 shock1 shock3

While Shock Them All does borrow elements found in some of the most addictive games ever made it has done a lot to make it stand out from the crowd. If you’re a fan of addictive puzzlers you really can’t afford to pass this one up!


Terrene from Aureoline Tetrahedron

In Terrne you find yourself piloting a spaceship with a broken engine. This is certainly bad luck, but on the plus side you still have a functioning tractor beam on board. By firing the tractor beam at any of the asteroids floating around in space you will pull the asteroid towards your ship, while also moving you towards the asteroid. Doing this is completely essential in Terrene as this action will provide you with momentum to get you on your merry way. This process obviously has some pros, there don’t forget that there is a high probability that you might end up crushing your ship if you aren’t careful!

terrene1 terrene2 terrene3

  • Addictive procedurally generated gameplay with endless value
  • Striking, minimalistic and customizable visual
  • Featuring interesting lexicons invented by mankind around the world
  • leaderboard integration

Terrene is a very stylish space-physics game that sports a stunning minimalistic art style and a unique style of gameplay. Do you think you have what it takes to navigate through space with just your tractor beam alone?


Viral Vigor!!! from Digital Inception Games

Viral Vigor is a challenging arcade shooter that puts you in control of a deadly virus named Rad. Rad is looking to infect a nice healthy brain, but he’s got a long journey ahead of him. He’ll be travelling through the circulatory, digestive, respiratory, and nervous systems of the body, but he’s also going to need to watch out for pesky obstacles like white blood cells, stomach acid, neurons, lymph nodes, and viruses too. Lucky for Rad though he has the ability to infect and turn bacteria and other cells into clones of himself, which is sure to give you a nice advantage over all of those pesky healthy cells.

viral2 viral1

  • 30 minutes of chaotic and challenging horizontal scrolling shooter gameplay.
  • Characters and projectiles simulated by real physics.
  • Enemy morphing mechanic for converting bacteria into friendly viruses.
  • Friendly fire refraction mechanic for redirecting absorbed friendly projectiles, making player formations critical.
  • 4 midboss and boss battles.
  • 7 different enemies across 4 different levels.
  • Progression across campaign automatically saved.
  • Scoring system with records of high scores.
  • Crisp high resolution textures and graphics.

Viral Vigor looks to be a very unique arcade shooter that is a great mix of the bizarre and addictive gameplay. Head over to Google Play and get your hands on this gem.


Wizardous from Broken Crown Games

Mario meets Metroid style platformer at heart, Wizardous tells the epic tale of a wise old wizard who’s been betrayed by his most trusted apprentice and must now escape the depths of a magically enchanted dungeon. He’ll have to gather enough magic before that happens though, which means you’ll be scouring the corners of every level and timing jumps across spike filled pits with deadly precision. As the puzzles and terrain grow more threatening over the course of the campaign, players will eventually acquire the ability to shoot back which provides a refreshing twist on the gameplay that will keep players playing until the very end.

wizardousss133 wizardousss13

  • Story-based puzzles that range in difficulty from beginner to advanced
  • Glorious 8-bit graphics that give you that nostalgic gaming feel
  • Player-driven story progression
  • Multiple magical abilities to acquire
  • First game in the engaging Wizardous Saga

Filled with deliciously difficult gameplay and retro-tastic graphics, Wizardous is a must have for any old school gamer. Grab it today for it’s limited time special price of just $0.99 on Google Play.


XIOIX from Pixel Toy Factory

XIOIX is a new puzzle game from Pixel Toy Factory that has been designed to challenge your memory and test you reflexes.  The developers have stated that XIOIX is a bimodal action puzzler, and it has two different game modes. Firstly you have Memory Mode which challenges your focus and awareness as a color sequence becomes longer and longer. Secondly you have survival mode where you will be up against endless waves of energy fields! Yikes!

xioix1 xioix2 xioix3

XIOIX is a unique memory/reflex game that is sure to test even those with the quickest brains. If you’re looking for a brain workout I highly suggest giving XIOIX a serious look.



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