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Strategy RPG Sardonyx Tactics Marches Onto Android

With Final Fantasy Tactics: War Of The Lions seemingly stuck in limbo and X-Com: Enemy Unknown opting to skip over Android entirely, there has been a depressing lack of strategy RPGs as of late. Luckily a terrific new indie entry in the genre by the name of Sardonyx Tactics has arrived boasting impressive production qualities and excellent visuals. Brought to us by DreamingTec, Sardonyx Tactics is a hardcore tactics RPG in the vein of classics like Shining Force or Final Fantasy Tactics but updated for the current generation.

As the games young protagonist Edward, players will work together with a wide variety of allies and characters to rid the land of evil monsters that destroy everything they see. This has been made doubly difficult due to the sudden disappearance of magic in the world, a mystery that is slowly unraveled throughout the course of the game.


Sardonyx Tactics looks good. Really good. While looks aren’t everything, the graphics in Sardonyx Tactics come close to approaching console quality. Combine that with it’s incredibly deep jobs system based gameplay similar to the kind used in the Final Fantasy franchise and you’ve got the formula for a hit new SRPG.


Beautiful, enthralling, and deep, Sardonyx Tactics is one of the best new strategy based RPGs on Android. It’s also available now for free on Google Play.

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