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Gravity Badgers Brings Epic Physics Based Action To Android

A hilarious new physics platformer by the name of Gravity Badgers has arrived, bringing with it tons of mullet rocking tunes and deep physics based gameplay. Developed by indie studio Wales Interactive, Gravity Badgers feels like the maniacal machinations of a mad scientist bent on creating a hybrid of an 80’s cartoon and a hardcore Android puzzler.

It seems that a space faring race of badgers in the future has come under attack by a rebellious splinter group of evil honey badgers who are bent on galactic domination. As part of an elite badger commando unit, codenamed the Gravity Badgers, players will use their mastery of all things physics to traverse the cosmos and take down each of the humongous boss’s controlling each sector. There is a surprising amount of story content told through excellently animated cutscenes that really help to bring the universe of Gravity Badgers to life.

gravitybadgerslogo2 gravitybadgerslogo3


  • Awesome physics based Gravity Badger mayhem
  • Rad Graphics
  • Easy to play even with badger paws
  • Over 140 levels of Gravity Badger action
  • Ten characters & five Boss levels


Full of great graphics, a terrific story, and even better gameplay, Gravity Badgers is an awesome physics platformer. It’s also available for free on Google Play.

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