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Minimalist Endless Sketcher Snow Slopes Boogies Onto Android

An addicting new indie runner by the name of Snow Slopes has arrived on the scene and is being praised for its seamless spin on a classic formula with simple yet deep ideas. The inaugural title for independent studio G12 Dev, Snow Slopes is a spiritual successor to the classic Line Runner that trades skis for snowboards and takes the gameplay into a brand new direction altogether.

The premise behind Snow Slopes is deceptively straight forward. As an unseen ethereal being, players must literally move mountains for their stickman snowboarder avatar so that he can gain some serious air and not die in the process. Momentum is key which creates an uneasy back and forth between focusing on either precise control or raw speed. Another new element introduced in Snow Slopes is the concept of time. Collecting tokens scattered across each stage adds precious seconds to the clock and are critical to a successful run.

snowslopess1 snowslopess2

Players are rewarded for taking risks and perfoming crazy stunts in the form of multipliers and hard to reach power ups. While racing down the down the side of a mountain at break neck speed and then launching off a 60 foot ramp to do a triple backflip may sound like fun, just make sure you land right side up if you want to keep racing.


Snow Slopes is an insanely addicting physics romp that gets everything right. It’s also available now on Google Play in both free and paid editions.

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