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Super Tank Poker Rolls Onto Playstation Mobile

An inventive new tactical strategy title by the name of Super Tank Poker has arrived on Playstation Mobile and its profoundly different approach to game design will challenge everything you know about the strategy genre. Created by Playstation Mobile’s top indie developer, TACS Games, Super Tank Poker is a fundamental rethinking of the strategy genre that emphasizes player skill over arbitrary stats by seamlessly incorporating poker style mini-bouts into each skirmish. The end result is a surprisingly addictive battle of wits that may just inspire an entire new sub-genre.

On the surface, Super Tank Poker resembles the Advance Wars series but it’s actually much more nuanced than that. As with other strategy titles the objective in Super Tank Poker is to wipe your opponents army off the map, but this time you’ll not only have to command your soldiers but also play mind games with your enemies and hedge your bets or bluff your way to victory. This introduces a democratizing aspect to Super Tank Poker that allows for the weakest units in the game to take out much stronger opponents provided they play their cards right.

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  • Fight through more than 30 missions in Story Mode.
  • Play a variety of mission types.
  • Battle against 9 generals, each with a unique play-style.
  • Five tank types including rocket tanks and mobile command vehicles.
  • Customize and replay any battle in Skirmish Mode.


Super Tank Poker puts an innovative spin on strategy titles with gameplay that will blow your mind. This is one card battle game we can get behind!

Super Tank Poker is available now for $2.29 on Playstation Mobile.


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