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Kickstarter Spotlight: The Incredible Corpse

Just in time for Halloween, a spooky new Kickstarter has shambled on the scene and it looks frightenly good. Independent development studio Eyes Wide Games’s currently in development The Incredible Corpse is an eccentric and absurd tactical stealth game starring a zombie. While we don’t usually think of the undead as the good guys in The Incredible Corpse they are actually misunderstood victims of a bizarre alien attack.

It seems aliens have invaded Earth and sucked everyone’s brains right out of their skulls, turning all the worlds denizens into the walking dead. Strangely enough, a few zombies are able to use what brains they have left and decide to fight back by working together. The Incredible Corpse stars the best of these brave undead heroes as players will help a secret agent turned zombie infiltrate alien bases both around and above Earth in order to rescue our brains and kick some alien butt.


The gameplay in The Incredible Corpse is an an interesting mashup of the tactical stealth and turn based RPG genres with plenty of humorous twists along the way. A variety of zombie specific powers will allow players to wreak havoc on the alien invaders using gross slime attacks or crazy gadgets, but munching down on their tasty alien brains is always on option too. The games’ “touch and draw” game design feels like a smart cross between Metal Gear Solid and Shadowrun with a pinch of Conker thrown in.


The Incredible Corpse is an amazing looking game and definitely deserves to succeed based on its unique personality alone. Eyes Wide Games is trying to raise $60,000 by November 29th and is rewarding backers with all kinds of cool exclusives.

Won’t you help a poor misunderstood zombie find a brain, erm, home?


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