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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #19

Ahhh, it’s Friday at last! TGIF! Woo hoo!! I don’t know about you, but it was a long week for me and I’m certainly glad that the weekend is just hours away. Do you have any fun plans this weekend? I’m just going to kick back and take it easy – and maybe try out a few of these awesome games that I picked out for you guys! (…and while you’re at it please make sure to vote for your favorite game in the poll at the bottom of the page!)


Breakout Duel from Broxx Team

Are you a fan of classic arcade games? How about Arkanoid and Pong? If you are you’re in for a treat, as Breakout Duel is a brilliant creation that combines these two classic games into a hugely addictive multiplayer experience. This is one game that will give you a kick of nostalgia, but also provide you with a gaming experience that is unlike anything you have ever experienced.



  • Play same-device multiplayer games with a friend or battle against the AI in solo mode
  • Customize the game as you wish : appearance, difficulty, speed, and others !
  • Many levels to unlock, which will revive your nostalgic feelings of gamer.
  • Fun and various bonuses to win a victory over your rival.

Breakout Duel is available as a free download, but if you donate a small amount you can get rid of them. Fans of retro games and multiplayer action should not under any circumstances miss out on this fantastic game!


Cosmoplan from Zbam Games

Cosmoplan is a unique action-puzzler that has you exploring new planets across the galaxy by using a good strategy and proper timing. Your goal is to reach new planets by dropping useless parts of your space ship at just the right time. This might sound easy, but you’re going to have to use a bit of strategy before you launch as you’ll need to adjust every angle between different obstacles in each location. Afer you launch you’re not able to make any more adjustments, so you better be happy with your plan. Your voyage will be through the unknown, and you’ll want to avoid other planets, meteors, and electric discharges if you want to stay in one piece. Well… sort of one piece.

cosmo1 cosmo2


  • No ads
  • 3 worlds with 60 levels and more is coming !!!
  • Innovative gameplay
  • Outstanding graphics
  • Original orchestral sound tracks
  • Alternative control on phones
  • Constant free updates with new levels and mechanics
  • One touch control
  • 6 language support including EN,TR,DE,PT,ES,FR
  • Instant fun

Cosmoplan is a unique space-exploration game that makes great use of highly addictive gameplay elements and an awesome art style to create a one of a kind action-puzzle game. Definitely give this a look.


Dice Jockey from Visionaries 777

Dice Jockey is a simple yet unbelievable addictive puzzle game that is all about matching up sets of dice with matching sides facing up. In order to score, you’ll have to form sets of at least two adjacent numbers, while using 1’s to complete any set of dice you have combined. Best of all Dice Jockey’s gameplay is incredibly addictive and challenging, and it’s unique graphic style makes it stand out as something truly unique. You’ve really got to check this one out!

dice1 dice2

Dice Jockey’s Four Game Modes:

  • Puzzle: Challenge yourself to clear dice using the minimum numbers of steps indicated in each level.
  • Time limit: Race the clock and clear as many dice as possible in 2 minutes. The more your clear, the higher your score.
  • Survival: Don’t get left in the dust. Clear as many dice as possible before the grid completely fills with dice.
  • Training: Remix your skills. Practice and improve your skills on a smaller game grid.

In addition to Dice Jockey’s addictive gameplay and awesome graphics you are treated with an online leaderboard that lets you track your hight scores against gamers from all around the world. How can you argue with that?


Even Up from Simple Machine

Even Up is a unique puzzle game that was inspired by the ever addictive puzzle game Sudoku. In Even Up the gameplay is simple and follows just one rule: pair up tiles to make a match and eventually clear the board. Simple, right? Concept-wise, yes, but as you delve into the games 125 levels you’ll notice that the puzzles become much more of a challenge. These puzzles might take you less than five minutes to solve, but even if they take you five hours you’ll still feel like a frigging genius each and every time.

evenup1 evenup2 evenup3


  • Unique gameplay inspired by Sudoku.
  • 125 cleverly handcrafted puzzles of varying size and difficulty.
  • Leaderboards and achievements for the ultimate competitor and completionist.
  • Wonderful family/group game, simple enough for almost any age.
  • No In App Purchases or additional purchasable level packs.
  • Loads of additional features on the way.
  • Supported Languages: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Russian, and Korean.

Even Up is an absolute must for fans of challenging puzzlers like Sudoku. The game has a simple set of rules, but there is a serious amount of challenge to come as you progress through the game. Even Up is a game you really need to get your hands one!


Gravity Badgers from Wales Interactive

Gravity Badgers is a hilarious new physics-platformer that is filled with mullet rocking tunes and addictive deep-space physics based gameplay. This game really feels like the maniacal machinations of a mad scientist that has been hell bent on creating a hybrid of an 80′s cartoon and a hardcore Android puzzler. You play through Gravity Badgers as part of an elite badger commando unit that must use their mastery of all things physics to traverse the cosmos and take down each of the humongous boss’s that control each sector. There is a surprising amount of story content told through excellently animated cutscenes that really help to bring the universe of Gravity Badgers to life.

gravitybadgerslogo2 gravitybadgerslogo3


  • Awesome physics based Gravity Badger mayhem
  • Rad Graphics
  • Easy to play even with badger paws
  • Over 140 levels of Gravity Badger action
  • Ten characters & five Boss levels

Full of great graphics, a terrific story, and even better gameplay, Gravity Badgers is an awesome physics platformer. It’s also available for free on Google Play.


Gravity Robot from Chunky Monkey Kre8ive

Gravity Robot is a dangerously addictive arcade-action adventure that takes place in a colourful world that is full of ever changing gravity. You must help Roboto to avoid rectangles while the gravity flips him around the game world. The game is very addicting, but also very very challenging. You’re going to have to be a master of reflexes if you want to show Gravity Robot who’s boss!


Fans of challenging reflex based action-puzzlers really need to give Gravity Robot a look. Just be prepared for some seriously challenging gameplay!


Legend Dary: Classic from ParkPill

Legend Dary is a platformer that was designed because… well… the developer likes platformers. Seems like a good enough reasoning to me. You play as a legendary mercenary known as Dary, and you have been hired to collect the mysterious (and hard to get) dragon’s horn. If he can do this one task the king has stated that Dary can marry his daughter… the princess. Seems like a good deal, right?



  • 36 Stages!
  • 2 Unuque bosses!
  • 15 Enemy types!
  • 10 Obstacles!
  • 2 Vehicles!
  • Continuous updating!

Legend Dary is a platformer in its purest form – and that certainly isn’t a bad thing. Fans of retro platformers are really going to want to get their hands on this one.


Long Run from 2D Tap Studios

You are a rookie spy that is going to have to literally run for her life if she plans to make it through this huge military installation alive. This enemy base is filled with all sorts of lasers, missiles, and a ruthless army of trained killers. Luckily this spy has a few tricks of her own to help her avoid the bases many traps and take down enemy soldiers as quickly as possible. Long Run is a game that sports intricately detailed environments and excellent character animation that is backed up by the Unity3D engine – and this makes Long Run one of the best looking runners on the market. An extensive mission list and tons of unlockables provide plenty of replay value which is a rare thing to encounter in the endless runner genre these days.

longrunss1 longrunss3

Long Run is a fantastic action platformer that is sure to keep you entertained for hours. If you’re a fan of endless runners or action games you should head over to Google Play and grab Long Run for the nice low price of free!


Pocket Rocket Nova from super2k

Pocket Rocket Nova puts you in the shoes of Hero Number 5 as he flies through the unknown depths of space. It turns out that you have just been telepported to a whole new part of the galaxy, and it’s your job to get your crew back home in one peice. You must guide your ship to collect energy while being careful to avoid the many hazards found in deep space. Do you think you have what it takes to get your crew home safely?



  • Optimized for tablets.
  • Easy to play but hard to master – can you get the highest score on all levels?
  • Amazing arcade action where you control the spaceship!
  • Blazing pop art graphics and mind blowing particle effects!
  • 1 World with 26 levels – more worlds and levels are coming soon!
  • Collect energy capsules and avoid meteors – new objects are coming soon!
  • Retro Amiga MOD music by ‘Firefox’

Pocket Rocket Nova is an absolutely stunning space exploration game that features a stellar soundtrack, a completely unique pop-art style – and of course some seriously addictive gameplay. This is one space adventure that you don’t want to miss out on!


Random Heroes from Ravenous Games (Published by Noodlecake Studios)

Ravenous Games, the creators of the hugely popular platformer League of Evil has just released their award winning platformer Random Heroes onto Google Play. Random Heroes is a challenging shoot ‘em up that plays in the same vein as classic sidescrollers like Mega Man or Metroid, but it also features a case of very unlikely characters that are fighting for survival against a vicious alien horde. Players will be running, jumping, and blasting their way through an onslaught of varied enemies over a massive 40 level campaign. Precision is king in Random Heroes, and the design choice that harkens back to the golden age of platformers is something old school gamers will love. Light action-rpg elements provide players with a ton of different ways to upgrade and trick out their hero, whether its sporting a new look or unlocking an awesome new weapon.

randomheroess3 randomheroess1


  • Over 40 Levels
  • 24 Characters
  • 17 Weapons
  • Google Play Game Services Achievements

Random Heroes is an insanely addicting sidescrolling shooter that features some truly awesome old school action. Fans of retro games cannot afford to pass this one up!


Sardonyx Tactics from DreamingTec

Sardonyx Tactics is a hardcore tactical RPG that plays in the vein as classic games like Shining Force or Final Fantasy Tactis, but with improved gameplay to make it more accessible to the current generation of gamers. You take control of a character named Edward. Edward is going to be up against a wide variety of evil monsters so he’s going to need to work together with a group of allies and characters to rid the land of these deadly creatures. This has been made doubly difficult due to the sudden disappearance of magic in the world, and a mystery that is slowly unravelled throughout the course of the game. So get ready to make use of the game’s  incredibly deep jobs system based gameplay that is similar to the kind used in the Final Fantasy franchise. How can you go wrong with that?

stactcs1 stactcs2

Beautiful, enthralling, and deep, Sardonyx Tactics is one of the best new strategy based RPGs on Android. It’s also available now for free on Google Play.


Soul Power from Ghost Time Games

Soul Power is a physics-based 2.5D platformer that is all about around timed challenges and exploration. As you explore the game’s gorgeous world you will find yourself playing a large number of these timed challenges, but that isn’t a bad thing. The challenges are a lot of fun – and you can even see how you compare to other gamers time’s from around the world. In addition to the addictive gameplay Soul Power also features a deep and thought provoking storyline that deals with a subject rarely touched on in video games: death and the afterlife. As you explore the grim world you’ll encounter a large number of ghostly citizens that will tell you their story about how they ended up in this world. By helping them out you might just gain more insight into how you ended up in this dreary place.



  • 40 timed levels in addition to 9 overworld areas!
  • Unique stories tied to each level!
  • Over 16 original musical themes!
  • Online leaderboards and achievements through Google Game Services!

Soul Power is a highly addictive puzzle-platformer that makes great use of a unique storyline and theme that really draws you into a world unlike anything they have likely seen in a video game. The great art style and stellar soundtrack do a lot to bring you into this one of a kind gaming experience, and the online leaderboards and achievements (through Google Game Services!) will keep you coming back for more long after you finish the story. I highly recommend giving Soul Power a download today!


Vampire Volleyball from Retro64

As you may have guessed from the game’s title Vampire Volleyball is a volleyball game that is all about vampires. Actually it seems that vampire-exclusive volleyball tournament has just begun, and you now find yourself up against 8 ghoulish characters that are all vying for the coveted Vampire Cup. Each of these creepy characters has his or her own special ability that you’ll need to learn to contend with, so you’re going to have to switch your strategy a bit if you want to come out on top. Vampire Volleyball can be played either as a single player game or if you’ve got a friend handy you can even set up 2-player matches via same-device multiplayer.

vv_iphone5_grog vv_iphone5_unger


  • 1 or 2 player action
  • 8 unique vampires, each with their own special move
  • 3 different heroes, with unique jumps, kicks, and spikes
  • Easy single button game play, or full d-pad movement
  • Fluid animations and a rocking soundtrack

Retro64′s new wacky volleyball game Vampire Volleyball is filled with a unique charm and some highly addictive gameplay. Highly recommended!



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