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FlyBy Brings Unique Arcade Action To Google Play

There are alot of endless runners out there, but none of them have the unique approach and charming aesthetics of FireFree Games inaugural title, FlyBy. This newly arrived twist on the runner genre fuses together the fast paced twitch reactions of Tunnel Runner and shoot ’em up arcade style gameplay like what you’d find in R-Type. This simple yet groundbreaking design concept gives FlyBy a unique perspective on the endless genre and is sure to keep old school gamers playing for hours on end.

As a dashing daredevil pilot on a dangerous covert mission in enemy territory, it’s up to players to maneuver their way through the deadly skies and survive for as long as possible. That’s easier said then done however as the enemy’s been expecting you and has deployed an armada of floating aerial mines, cruise missiles and hostile fighters.

FlyBy‘s physics based gameplay is a blast and reminiscent of the classic 8-bit era of gaming. While there is plenty of dodging enemy fire to do and obstacles to avoid, there are also tons of cool powerups players can pick up. The most important of these is the ability to fire back and it’s what gives FlyBy a personality all it’s own. Combine all that with randomly generated level design, online leaderboards, and a plethora of achievements and you’ve got the recipe for a terrific new game.

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  • Randomly generated caves and levels for endless game play
  • Many different exciting obstacles to avoid and fly through
  • Online leader-board powered by Google Play Services
  • Collect coins to buy power ups and upgrades in the in game store
  • Thrilling challenges to complete


FlyBy‘s addicting old school gameplay and unique design will keep you playing for hours on end. It’s available now for free on Google Play.

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