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Puzzler Spinoff Pictlogica Final Fantasy Arrives In Japan

Thought the most bizarre Final Fantasy spin off you’d ever see was Final Fantasy: All The Bravest? Meet the latest addition to Square Enix’s eclectic catalog of mobile games, Pictlogica Final Fantasy. Inspired by indie puzzle RPG’s like 10000000, Pictlogica Final Fantasy is a free to play puzzle RPG that mashes together characters and settings from Final Fantasy lore with a Picross based battle system that feels like a puzzlefied version of the active time battle system. It’s also filled with IAP’s.

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As with other games in the series, there is an epic single player quest that takes players all over the Final Fantasy universe as they solve puzzles and perform combos to smite their enemies. Players can form parties of up to 5 characters that level up and unlock new abilities after gaining enough experience. Successfully chaining together attacks and combos will allow players to use Summons and other special abilities like the all important heal spell. However the longer players take to launch their next attack, the weaker it will be. This creates a precarious balance between the use of complicated special moves and raw attack speed.


Perhaps the strangest addition to the Final Fantasy franchise to arrive yet, Pictlogica Final Fantasy is now available for free in Japan. Look for it to launch worldwide within the next month or two.

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