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Retro Inspired Platformer Steam Punks Jumps Onto Google Play

Monster Robot Studios is at it once again. This developer is very well known for making stellar retro inspired games, and two of their previous successes include the great platformer Heavy Sword and the addictive Zelda-esque puzzler Mazes & Monsters. This team’s newest release is an action platforming RPG called Steam Punks, and it has been inspired by the classic Mega Man series of games. However, Steam Punks stands out from others in the genre through its truly unique steam punk world and some of the best pixel art graphics you will find out there.


Features :
  • A fun world to explore filled with many secrets to discover
  • An auto-save checkpoint system for easy pick up and play gameplay
  • Loads of awesome weapons
  • Cool masks with unique powers
  • A tonne of hidden power ups and upgrades to acquire
  • A wide variety of  beautifully pixelated enemies to destroy


Monster Robot Studios has released another awesome retro-styled game to add to their already stellar repertoire. If you’re into platformers you really need to get your hands on Steam Punks.

Developer Website: Monster Robot Studios

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