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Physics Defying Platformer Naught 2 Leaps Onto Android

When the unconventional indie hit Naught first arrived 2 years ago, it took mobile platforming in a new direction by working with rather than against touch based device design. Not content to rest on its laurels, independent developer Blue Shadow Games has spent that time perfecting Naught‘s unique gameplay and has now returned with an ambitious sequel. Simply title Naught 2, this sophomore release in what is sure to be a hit franchise ups the ante from the first game in every way with much higher production values and truly beautiful visuals.

Imagine Limbo and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet had a freaky three way with Super Metroid and you’ll have a good idea of what Naught 2 is all about. Players will help the game’s protagonist, a spry young cat who’s suffering from amnesia, escape from a bizarre underground world where the darkness literally takes on a life of its own. This malevolent force has infected an entire planet along with all its creatures and is slowly eating away at our hero which is why he has to find a way home.

naughtss1  naughtss2

Along with much smoother and more intuitive game design, Naught 2‘s visuals are a huge improvement from the original and truly a work of art. The main character is now procedurally generated for truly lifelike animation and much more detailed. Environments seem to come to life with all types of alien flora and fauna inhabiting this strange world. Every enemy has a unique and cool design which will leave you anticipating what other weird thing you’ll run into next.


An incredible followup that sets new standards for what a mobile platformer should be, Naught 2 is now available for $1.99 on Google Play.

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