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New “Brick Breaker” Game Sketchpad Escape Splats Onto Google Play

Sketchpad Escape is a new “Brick Breaker” styled game that is the first official release from the indie developer MannagraphiX Studios. This new release takes a unique spin on the classic gameplay formula through it’s modern gameplay mechanics and it’s colourful art style. Sketchpad Escape features a some brilliant hand-drawn graphics that fit the gameplay perfectly. As you bounce your ball into the coloured blocks in a stage they will explode in a burst of colour. This not only looks cool but it also provides the player with paint chips (the game’s currency) and it also influences how well you’ll score in each stage.


The collection of paint chips is one element that makes Sketchpad Escape a truly addictive title. As you play through each of the game’s 100 stages you will collect chips of various colours that can be used to purchase new items in the game’s store. These items include new paddles and balls with a variety of attributes that really mix up the gameplay. You are sure to keep coming back for more just to unlock all of the game’s most valuable items!

  • Game takes place on a sketchpad
  • 100 levels of play
  • Collectable paint chips
  • A variety of bricks that give special abilities
  • 15 Paddles to choose from
  • 15 Balls to choose from


Sketchpad Escape is a great re-imagining of the classic “Brick Breaker” style of gameplay. It’s unique art style and hugely addictive gameplay make this a must play for gamers of all ages. Best of all it is free on Google Play, so don’t miss it!

Developer Website: MannagraphiX Studios

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