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Reflex-Action Game Small Bang Theory Explodes On Google Play

Small Bang Theory is a snack sized arcade-action game that was originally conceived at the 2012 Global Game Jam in Breda, and after a few weeks in development the team at SassyBot Studio released the game onto OUYA. Unfortunately, as has been the case with many developers publishing on the OUYA, Small Bang Theory received a rather small number of sales. The developers didn’t let this get them down though, and they set about creating a version of the game that would be optimized for mobile devices. The team has tweaked the gameplay a bit to make Small Bang Theory perfect for when you’re looking for a quick fix while you’re out and about.


In Small Bang Theory you are given control of an atom that is flying its way through a particle accelerator. It’s up to you to keep this atom alive for as long as possible and also rack up as many points as possible along the way. You start off moving at a relatively slow pace but as you progress into the level your speed will greatly increase which gives your score a nice boost, but it also ramp’s up the game’s difficulty. Luckily there are several power-ups at your disposal, like a shield, shockwave, and time slow-down power that will help you stay alive for at least a little bit longer. After you’ve set your high score you’ll be able to post it on the leaderboards and use it to brag about your awesomeness to your friends.


  • Portable arcade action!
  • Easy to learn controls
  • Explosion riddled stages!
  • Insane twitch reaction gameplay!
  • Save your high scores for bragging rights!
  • 4 Unique power-ups (slow-time, magnet, explosion, shield)


Small Bang Theory looks to be a great new addition to the reflex-action genre that shouldn’t be passed up. It’s sure to be a real blast! Head over to Google Play and grab this gem today!

Developer Website: SassyBot Studio

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