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Social Friendly Puzzler PuzzledGame Locks Into Place On Google Play

PuzzledGame is an addictive new puzzle game that  has been designed by a small two person indie team. This team is made up of Shanat Kolhatkar, the game’s lead developer and designer, and Florence Thibault, who has been behind the game’s beautiful art design. PuzzledGame actually started out as a side project of Shanat’s in an attempt to gain more knowledge about mobile game development, but over time the project matured and it was determined that the game would be made available to the masses. PuzzledGame has finally come to fruition because of Shanat’s love of making games and making high quality products.


The game itself was inspired by the old Tetris-esque Game Boy game Daedalian Opus, along with a wide number of other puzzle games from that era. It plays sort of like a more modern twist on the traditional ‘jigsaw puzzle’ by giving the player with wide wariety of different shapes of different sizes, and also extra pieces to try to throw you off. PuzzledGame comes jam packed with puzzles to complete, but in addition you have the option to import pictures from your Facebook account into the game, which gives the game an infinite number of puzzles for you to solve. You can also take the game online to interact and challenge your friends in a whole new way. PuzzledGame also includes several difficulty settings which makes it a perfect game for the whole family to enjoy.

  • Use your Facebook albums to generate unique puzzles!
  • Every Friday a new Weekly puzzle to test your skills against the development team!
  • Offline solo modes to help you train your mind until you are ready to take on more challengers!
  • Beautiful interface and backgrounds to give a unique feel to the puzzle solving experience!
  • An infinite number of puzzles!
  • Generate your own versus challenges and test your skills against your friends!


PuzzledGame is a unique twist on the classic ‘jigsaw’ puzzler. With its highly entertaining gameplay mechanics, a stellar art style, and an infinite amount of gameplay there is no reason to pass it up. Give PuzzledGame a download today!

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