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Unique Path Drawing Puzzler ‘Ins and Outs’ Maneuvers Onto Google Play

Ins and Outs is a unique new maze-like puzzle game with easy to learn gameplay mechanics that is a blast to play either by yourself or competively with your friends over Facebook. In Ins and Outs you must draw a loop with your finger that encircles all of the ‘ins’ in the level and leaves all of the ‘outs’ on the outside. It is very simple concept to grasp, it is this simplicity that makes the game so addictive. Trust me on this. I was bust playing “just one more level” for over an hour last night. It’s simple and addictive, and there are several hundred levels of increasing difficulty that are sure to keep gamers busy for quite some time!


Ins and Outs features both a casual play mode and a competitive play mode. Casual play allows players to play through hundreds of free levels (900 to be exact), while the competitive mode allows the player to really put their skills to the test as they try to solve as many puzzles as they can in a one minute period. These high scores can then be posted on the global leaderboards to see how well you compare to gamers from around the globe, or you can just use it for bragging rights against your friends. Ins and Outs also has a wicked automatic sync feature that allows the player to transfer their data between devices by simply linking their Facebook account to the game!

  • Hundreds of free puzzles in casual play mode
  • Unlimited free puzzles to play against the clock in competitive play mode
  • Dare friends to beat your score while you compete for a spot on the global leaderboards
  • Automatically synchronizes your progress across all your devices
  • Six unique color schemes to fit every taste
  • Clean, minimalist design


Ins and Outs is a fantastic new minimalistic puzzler that shouldn’t be missed out on. It’s extremely addictive gameplay, several hundred levels to master (plus an additional 900 that can be purchased through IAPs), and best of all the experience is completely FREE! Download Ins and Outs today! I highly recommend it.

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