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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #21

Welcome to another edition of the SGD Indie Game Round-Up. In this week’s Round-Up we have a stellar list of games that encircle a wide array of different genres. Puzzlers, platformers, tactical strategy games, RPG’s, addictive arcades games, and a tonne more. I personally think it’s a great list, and I highly recommend checking out as many of these games as you possibly can!


Castle Rush from Pacdec

Castle Rush is a game that is all about tactical strategy. You are a king and your enemy is a king and you’re both vying for the most land that you can rustle together. You’ll take turns capturing different kinds of territories located near your castles with the ultimate goal of ruling the largest plot of land. This makes for a very fun tactical experience that is sure to keep you entertained for quite some time.



  • Mission Mode
  • Singleplayer Mode
  • Multiplayer Mode (against AI and human player)
  • Different game fields with almost unlimited possible fillings
  • Smartphone and tablet support

If you’ve been looking for a stellar tactical game filled kings, castles, kingdoms you really need to check out Castle Rush


Divey Jones Ocean Odyssey from Zgobot

Divey Jones is a new ‘diving’ game in which you’ll be sending little Divey Jones into the deep depths of the ocean. He is looking for sunken pirate booty, and he really needs your help to stay alive during his mission. As you descend into the abyss you will collect air bubbles that will help Divey stay alive, but having too much air makes it more difficult for him to dive deeper. You’ll have to keep a close eye on his air meter and think strategically in order to get Divey as deep as you can. Will picking up an extra bubble save Divey’s life, or will it keep him from getting his hands on the highly sought after pirate chest that is filled with an untold fortune?!

See Divey Jones in action: Here



  • Engage in over 30 levels of challenging gameplay!
  • Fill your aquarium tanks with hidden sea creatures!
  • Collect stars for gift shop curios!
  • Round up all collectibles to reach 100% completion!
  • Easy to play — BUILT for TILT!
  • Colorful sea-themed fun!
  • Insanely addictive!

Divey Jones is a fun ‘falldown’-esque game that has a unique style of gameplay, fun mechanics, and a great cartoony art style to boot. Don’t let this one swim past you.


Fruits’n Tails from Mkt Virtual

Fruits’n Tails is a fun puzzle game that follows the famous Leonardo da Vinci as he takes a journey to the top of a rather mysterious mountain. More interesting than the mountain itself are the mountains inhabbitants: a troup of colorful monkeys! Leonardo finds out that these monkeys might just be able to help with his next painting, and so the adventure begins! Using your new found friends Ticelli, Vince, Ludovico and Sanzio you’ll have access to all of the fruits in the forest, and these fruits will help Leonardo to painting his ultimate masterpiece! As you play you’ll discover new colours that require you to use different strategies to get the colour that you’re looking for. Use nature in your favour to complete your ultimate masterpiece!

See Fruits’n Tails in action: Here



  • Innovative gameplay in more than 90 challenging levels!
  • Amazing graphics in 3 different chapters!
  • Collect all Best Path badges to unlock a secret bonus chapter!

Fruits’n Tails looks to be a truly unique puzzle game that plays as a sort of mix of Zuma and the hit color-matching game Color Sheep. With influences like that how could this game turn out to be anything but awesome?! Swing over to Google Play and get your hands on this gem today!


Ins and Outs from aukStudios

Ins and Outs is a unique maze-like puzzle game with easy to learn gameplay mechanics and unbelievably addictive puzzles. In Ins and Outs you will draw a loop with your finger that encircles all of the ‘ins’ in a level while leaving all of the ‘outs’ on the outside. The concept is incredibly simple, but it is this simplicity that makes the game so much fun. Trust me on this. Ins and Outs is definitely one of the best puzzles games I have played this year.

See Ins and Outs in action: Here



  • Hundreds of free puzzles in casual play mode
  • Unlimited free puzzles to play against the clock in competitive play mode
  • Dare friends to beat your score while you compete for a spot on the global leaderboards
  • Automatically synchronizes your progress across all your devices
  • Six unique color schemes to fit every taste
  • Clean, minimalist design

Ins and Outs is an extremely addictive and unique puzzle game that is jam packed with a tonne of content (900 free levels!). I highly recommend Ins and Outs to any puzzle gaming fans. It’s an absolute must play!


Isle of Bxnes from Whalenought Studios

Isle of Bxnes is an insanely difficult stone aged action RPG about the brutal trek that you, a cave man, takes east with your tribe. You’re going to have to be careful when planning your excursions into foreign lands though as the world around you is extremely dangerous. You’ll come across deadly  beasts, cannibals and ruthless warriors from other tribes, and if you happen to die it could mean the end for your tribe as well. You’ll also need to allocate your resources and build up a backup army of your offspring if you’re going to succeed. Isle of Bxnes features permadeath, which means that just a few hits can put a very real end to your adventure and your tribe.

See Isle of Bxnes in action: Here

IoB1 IoB2


  • Beautifully hand drawn pixel art and featuring thousands of animations
  • Permadeath. Your tribe dies without you as their hunter.
  • Reincarnation through your sons (who have randomly chosen skills, attack dmg and stamina)
  • Level randomization each play session with a huge variety of enemies, non-hostiles & boss battles
  • Unique tribes to choose from with a variety of skill paths to upgrade as you progress
  • Tons of unique art and variety in inventory items and weaponry
  • Choose how you want to allocate the limited resources you find while exploring islands
  • No IAP or pay-to-win.

Isle of Bxnes is a unique and extremely challenging stone age action-RPG that shouldn’t by missed out on by those games who like a real challenge when it comes to their RPGs.


Line 98 from Sprigame

If you’ve read any of our previous Indie Game Round-Ups you’ve probably noticed that I have a tendency to post minimalistic puzzle games. I’m a sucker for this simplistic art style, and Square Line is yet another solid puzzler that falls into this list.

Square Line is actually a remake of the classic “5 or more” style of game. Using the game’s simple touch controls you’ll be making horizontal, vertical and diagonal rows of the same colour to build up your high score. The gameplay is simple to say the least, but at the same time it is also highly addictive. Oh, and the gorgeous minimalistic design doesn’t hurt either!

line98-1 line98-2 line98-3

If you’re like me and you enjoy games with a minimalistic design you really shouldn’t pass up Line 98. More importantly though if you’re a fan of puzzle games this game will be right up your alley. Highly recommended.


Luxuria Superbia from Tale of Tales

Luxuria Superbia is a colorful, musical journey that has been designed to fill the player with joy. In the game you are asked to give pleasure to the game, and the game will pleasure you back. The gameplay starts sensually and physically with cheeky innuendo and playful feedback.  As you progress it expands gradually into the ethereal and the euphoric. The developer has stated that “We use music as an emotional reference in our work,” …. “We try to match the effect of the music in the visuals and the interactions in order to achieve a harmony of the senses.” The idea for Luxuria Superbia is super cool, but the only way to really understand what it’s all about you need to play it for yourself. It’s a game that words simply can’t describe. If a picture is worth a thousand words, Luxuria Superbia is worth at least a million.

See Luxuria Superbia in action: Here



  • Stimulating fun that brings you an experience of joy and happiness.
  • Dynamic music by Walter Hus responds to your every touch.
  • Playful, sensual interaction with lush colorful levels.
  • The game engages with you –alone or with a friend– as an encouraging partner.

Luxuria Superbia is a completely stunning game that shouldn’t be missed out on. It’s gorgeous art design and unique gameplay elements make it an absolute must have on your Android device.


Naught 2 from Blue Shadow Games

In Naught 2 you’ll be helping the game’s protagonist, a spry young cat who’s suffering from amnesia, escape from a bizarre underground world where the darkness literally takes on a life of its own. This malevolent force has infected an entire planet along with all its creatures and is slowly eating away at our hero which is why he has to find a way home. Along your journey you’ll encounter environments seem to come to life with all types of alien flora and fauna inhabiting this truly bizarre world. Every enemy has its own unique look and design that will leave you anticipating what other weird thing you’ll come across next.

See Naught 2 in action: Here

naughtss2 naughtss1

Naught 2 is an incredible follow-up to the original Naught that sets a new standard for what a mobile platformer should be. If you’re looking for a stunning and truly stunning game for your mobile device you really must download Naught 2 right now!


Picross Madness from Geardice

Picross is a game that is hugely popular in the puzzle community. While I’m terrible at this particular style of game I have to say that I am impressed by just how stylish the new game Picross Madness is. The gameplay is what you’d expect in a picross game, in that it is filled with a tonne of picture logic puzzles that are solved according to numbers at the side of the grid to reveal a hidden picture. What makes Picross Madness stand out from other picross titles is its great minimalistic art style and it’s awesome selection of pictures to solve. Oh, and it’s completely free!

picross1 picross2


  • 270 levels
  • New levels in every new big update for free
  • 3 type of levels – Small, medium, large
  • Auto orientation – landscape or portrait mode
  • Level editor
  • Full game for free
  • No Ads
  • No in App purchases

Picross Madness looks to be the best picross game available on Google Play. Check it out!


PuzzledGame from Shanat Kolhatkar

PuzzledGame is a unique new game that plays like a modern twist on the traditional ‘jigsaw puzzle’. How it’s different is that you’re given a choice of several different puzzle pieces, but you’re also given some extra pieces in an attempt to make things a bit more challenging. The game already comes with a tonne of puzzles to complete, but if you want to there’s a cool option that allows you to import pictures from your Facebook account to bring into the game – and this gives the game an infinite number of puzzles for you to solve. PuzzledGame also has several difficulty settings available which really makes it a perfect game for the whole family to enjoy.

See PuzzledGame in action: Here



  • Use your Facebook albums to generate unique puzzles!
  • Every Friday a new Weekly puzzle to test your skills against the development team!
  • Offline solo modes to help you train your mind until you are ready to take on more challengers!
  • Beautiful interface and backgrounds to give a unique feel to the puzzle solving experience!
  • An infinite number of puzzles!
  • Generate your own versus challenges and test your skills against your friends!

PuzzledGame is a unique twist on the classic ‘jigsaw’ puzzler. With its highly entertaining gameplay mechanics, a stellar art style, and an infinite amount of gameplay there is no reason to pass it up. Give PuzzledGame a download today!


Riddick: The Merc Files from Gaming Corps

Riddick: The Merc Files is an interesting stealth action game that feels very much like Metal Gear Solid, but with a loose tie-in to the events of Riddick’s latest feature film. As the unstoppable and universally feared criminal Riddick, players will have to escape from a variety of deadly situations by slinking around the shadows and taking out enemies one by one. Similar to Solid Snake, Riddick prefers to outwit his opponent as opposed to outright overpowering them. This leads to tons of stealth kills, environmental tricks, and the occasional firefight.

See Riddick: The Merc Files in action: Here

riddickss3 riddickss1


  • Situation-based game play: complete the objectives in your own way
  • New content released regularly
  • Upload your gameplay video in-game and share it with your friends
  • Optimized controls- developed specifically for the mobile format

Although Riddick: The Merc Files sports nice visuals and follows in a legendary series footsteps, its largely uninspired implementation leaves alot to be desired. Still, if you’ve got an itch for a stealth-action game you can grab this one for about $3.50 on Google Play.


Sketchpad Escape from MannagraphiX Studios

Sketchpad Escape is a new “Brick Breaker” styled game that is a whole lot of fun! It takes a unique spin on the classic gameplay formula by implementing some more modern gameplay mechanics, and also through its colourful hand-drawn art style. When you bounce your ball into the coloured blocks in a stage they will explode in a burst of colour, which not only looks cool, but it also provides you with the game’s in game currency that can be used to buy new balls and platforms. There are a tonne items to unlock and 100 levels to get through, so this is one game that’ll keep you busy for a long long time.

See Sketchpad Escape in action: Here



  • Game takes place on a sketchpad
  • 100 levels of play
  • Collectable paint chips
  • A variety of bricks that give special abilities
  • 15 Paddles to choose from
  • 15 Balls to choose from

Sketchpad Escape is a great re-imagining of the classic “Brick Breaker” games of the past, and it is something I highly recommend downloaded. The gameplay is fun and addictive, there is a tonne of content to be unlocked, and it is completely free! Don’t miss out on this wicked arcade experience!


Small Bang Theory from SassyBot Studio

In Small Bang Theory you are given control of an atom that is flying its way through a particle accelerator. It’s up to you to keep this atom going for as long as possible while racking up points along the way. You start off moving at a relatively slow pace but as you progress into the level your speed will greatly increase which gives your score a nice boost, but it also ramp’s up the game’s difficulty. Luckily there are several power-ups at your disposal, like a shield, shockwave, and time slow-down power that will help you stay alive for at least a little bit longer. After you’ve set your high score you’ll be able to post it on the leaderboards and use it to brag to your friends about your mad skills!

See Small Bang Theory in action: Here



  • Portable arcade action!
  • Easy to learn controls
  • Explosion riddled stages!
  • Insane twitch reaction gameplay!
  • Save your high scores for bragging rights!
  • 4 Unique power-ups (slow-time, magnet, explosion, shield)

Small Bang Theory looks to be a great new addition to the reflex-action genre that shouldn’t be passed up. You’ll definitely have a blast with this one! Grab it from Google Play right now!


Somyeol from Brain Connected

Somyeol is a 2D Puzzle Plattformer that puts you in command of little alien beings known as Somyeols. These Somyeols have been stranded on a strange planet, and it’s up to you to get them back to their rocket safely. Each time you save a Somyeol you gain points that will determine just how well you do in a specific level. To progress to the next level you’ll have to best the minimum score, or else these Somyeols wont be going anywhere! These points will also work towards you high score, which can be displayed on the game’s global online leaderboards. Can you help these little Somyeols to rebuild their civilization on their new planet?

See Somyeol in action: Here

somyeol3 somyeol2


  • unique Jump&Run
  • over 100 fun and challenging levels
  • 11 different types of Somyeols
  • collect and find hidden trophys
  • Scoreloop online highscore, compete with friends or players all over the world
  • different input methods
  • Xperia Play optimized
  • supports Android 4.2
  • supports the Green Throttle controller

Somyeol is a unique 2D puzzle platformer that kind of feels like if you were to mash together Super Mario Bros and Lemmings into one solid package. If you’re a fan of either you should really enjoy Somyeols. So what do you think, do you have what it takes to save the lives of all the innocent Somyeols? There’s only one way to find out.


Stuntman Eddie: Bike Daredevil from Go Games

Stuntman Eddie: Bike Daredevil is a game that’s all about amazing stunts, unbelievable tricks, and death defying daredevil jumps with the famous daredevil Stuntman Eddie. You’ll be riding your bike off of huge jumps as you launch over cars, trucks and buses, but as you gain fame you’ll take on more daring jumps across canyons, city rooftops, and even shark infested waters! Skill and timing is an absolute necessity when playing Stuntman Eddie as you’ll have to carefully manoeuvre Eddie through rings of fire, panes of glass, and over helicopters, all while performing crazy stunts in mid-air! Do you think you have what it takes to become the worlds most famous daredevil?

See Stuntman Eddie: Bike Daredevil in action: Here



  • New Fun Controls: A unique new stunt bike experience!
  • Career: A highly addictive 3 Star level based mode (100+ levels)!
  • Social Stadium: Create your own jumps and show off on the leaderboard!
  • Daily Challenge: A chance every day to earn bonus rewards!
  • Tours: Compete with friends over 5 consecutive jumps in an effort to beat their scores and take their trophies!
  • 8 Upgradable Bikes: Upgrade your bike (Power, Suspension, Grip and Weight) and purchase new bikes as you progress.
  • 10 Stunts: Learn and unlock ever increasingly impressive stunts as you progress including the Superman, Coffin, Tsunami, Whirlwind.
  • 75+ Missions: Complete missions to gain extra rewards.
  • 6 Fun Power Ups: Including the Rocket, Parachute, Slow-Mo and more.
  • Challenge Friends: Post a challenge to beat your score on any level and you both gain coins when they do!
  • Achievements and leaderboards

Stuntman Eddie: Bike Daredevil is a hugely fun stunt filled biking game that is easy to play but hard to master. It’s also completely free, so download it today!


Time Ducks from Tough Guy Studios

Time Ducks is a very bizarre game that is best described as a mix of Frogger and Braid. You’ll be trying to successfully aid a huge variety of animals in crossing the highway, and to do this you’ll need to use the game’s ingenious time manipulation system. Using finger-swipe technology, the animals are able to either rewind or fast forward time. When rewinding, time stops in its tracks and the traffic moves backwards, which will help to avoid any potentially dangerous situations. By fast-forwarding time you’ll be treated to a super-fast visual multi-Technicolor extravaganza that will help to quickly boost your score with crazy combos. In addition to the fun gameplay Time Ducks also features some wickedly awesome pixel-art graphics and is filled with a whole lot of humour.

See Time Ducks in action: Here


Time Ducks is one of the more unique games I have ever come across on Google Play and I highly recommend checking it out. It is one of the stranger games out there, but the simple gameplay will quickly get you hooked, and the total craziness of the game will keep you laughing constantly. Make sure you grab Time Ducks today! Very highly recommended.



Do you have a game that you’d like to see in one of our weekly round-ups? Shoot me an email at [email protected] If you use Twitter follow me @SGDjames


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