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Crazy Awesome Rogue-Like Hero Siege Coming Soon

Panic Art Studios, an elite indie developer hailing from Finland, has been quickly making a name for itself with a string of hit titles like its old school shoot ’em up Zombie Kill Of The Week and pirate themed strategy sim Rum Isle. Each game has been better than the last and it seems Panic Art Studios is continuing this trend with its most ambitious title to date, an upcoming rogue-like RPG called Hero Siege that cranks the awesome dial up to eleven. Filled with more axes, loot, and Gauntlet meets Diablo style combat than you can shake a stick at, Hero Siege is shaping up to be one of the best games of 2013.


Combining the relentless action of rogue-likes and sense of adventure found in The Legend Of Zelda, Hero Siege is an action RPG fans dream come true. In Hero Siege, players set out as one of a litany of unlockable warrior classes charged with defeating an army of vicious demons who now roam the land. As players complete quests and loot dungeons they’ll be able to outfit their character with a mind boggling amount of special abilities and unique weapon types that all have the potential to completely change the way the game is played.


One of Hero Siege‘s more intriguing features is its heavy use of randomly generated game design. While many games have incorporated randomly generated levels and characters before, Hero Siege takes things a step further with dynamically generated bosses and even actual campaign events. The amount of replayability on offer is rather impressive to say the least. Other great features such as integrated haptic feedback and support for bluetooth controllers like the MOGA series of gamepads round out the list.


Look for Hero Siege to be available on Android starting December 18th.

Panic Art Studios

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  • Elias Viglione

    You really over did your self with this one! 😀 Awesome post!

  • Kamato

    well done guys really cant wait for it, a little sad that it has no multiplayer but hey anyways it seems to be a good game 😉 hope when you know how to make mutiplayer there will come a patch 😀

  • This looks nice and fun…I’ll be keeping an eye out for it

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