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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #22

On our usual round-up we try to wrangle up around 15 to 20 games for all of our readers, but due to an overly busy away from the internet I have had to cut down the overall size of this weeks list. Even though I was busy I still wanted to put together a round-up for all of our loyal readers, especially since a tonne of fantastic indie games have been released in this past week or so. While it’s a small list I can assure you that each of the games on this list need to be checked out. These are the best of the best, and they will be worth your time.

Next week we will be back with our regular full sized Round-Up.


Attack of Ghastly Grey Matter! from Milksteak and the Jellybeans

Milksteak and the Jellybeans are a group of five students from the University of Abertay, Dundee with a real knack for creating games. Their first official release, Attack of the Ghastly Grey Matter, was created over an 8 week period after being selected for Dare to be Digital 2013. Attack of the Ghastly Grey Matter is a fast-paced, side-scrolling endless runner that puts you in control of the melodramatic B-Movie villain the “Ghastly Grey Matter”. You will use your powerful alien hand to smash your way through several visually stunning environments, while also abducting crowds of puny humans along the way. All of the mayhem you create will lead you to a high score that can be posted in the game’s leaderboards!

See Attack of Ghastly Grey Matter in action: Here


Attack of Ghastly Grey Matter is a truly unique endless runner that you can’t afford to pass up! In fact it’s a free download, so everyone should be able to afford it. Download it today!


Circuit Chaser from Ink Vial Games

A group of robots have been lined up for incineration after a failed experiment. Luckily one of these robots is determined to escape from this death sentance, and his name is T0NY. Circuit Chaser is modern reimiagining of the classicc scrolling shoot ‘em up genre. By using a stunning modern 3D graphics style you will Guide ToNY through this deadly laboratory while shooting, flying, and do whatever else is necessary to survive for as long as possible. All in all Circuit Chaser is an unbelievably well made and fun-filled endless run & gun game.

See Circuit Chaser in action: Here

Cchaser1 Cchaser2


  • STUNNING GRAPHICS: You’ll guide T0NY across an action-filled robot world as he tries to escape his creators who will be hot on his toes until the very end. The beautifully detailed world comes to life on mobile and tablet.
  • AMAZING POWER-UPS: Utilise T0NY’s powers to shoot & dodge enemy attacks. Unleash T0NY’s incredible extreme blast move that allows you to fly at insane speeds and destroy everything in your path! Unlock or buy ingenious power-ups to help you run & fly further, including revives & circuit magnets.
  • MULTIPLE SKINS: Select from a variety of skins to make T0NY look unique – such as the Tiger, Boot Camp and even Zombie!
  • SOCIALLY CONNECTED: Challenge your friends on the leaderboards to prove who is the best player.

Circuit Chaser is a stunning 3D endless shoot’ em up that is sure to keep you entertained for hours. Download it today!


Death Tower from Martian Arctic Games

Death Tower is an ambitious new strategy RPG that has been brought to us by Martian Arctic Games; the indie development studio behind fan favorites Rogue Miner and Gem Goblin. Death Tower is an eccentric throwback RPG that mashes together classic gaming archetypes into one tough as nails dungeon crawler with a twist. The story in Death Tower is surprisingly complex. You are trapped in a massive dungeon filled with bloodthirsty monsters, and as you try to escape you will find more characters who have found themselves in the same predicament that you’re in. But are they friend or foe? An uneasy alliance forms as the survivors band together to fight back. But be careful when choosing the characters you send into battle as it could easily mean the difference between life and death. With almost 20 unique characters to choose from, there are tons of different ways to play and re-play Death Tower.

See Death Tower in action: Here

Dtower1 Dtower2


  • 18 playable characters
  • 9 classes
  • Over 50 abilities
  • 45 artefacts
  • 128 unique monsters (not just color-shifted art)
  • 130 levels means this game will keep you busy for some time.

Death Tower is an addicting throwback to the golden age of RPGs that offers incredibly deep gameplay. If you’re looking for a challenge you need to download this right now! It’s available now for just $1.99 on Google Play.


Heroes, Inc from Runaway Studios

After an unfortunately unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign the superhero inspired endless runner has still managed to see the light of day thanks to the dedicated devs at Runaway Studios. The evil Killcide is back in the city and he has just one thing in mind: to destroy Heroes, Inc! You’ll be taking control of the various heroes that make up Heroes, Inc, and your goal is to catch Killcide before its too late. As you fly your way through the endless levels you’ll be avoiding deadly lasers, killer robots, and a while lot more! Along your journey you’ll also have to keep an eye out for valuable crystals that can be used to upgrade the various members on your team. You will be playing through three amazing and competitive game environments, unlocking new characters with unique personalities and special abilities, while also flying at super sonic speeds while defeating and avoiding lasers, killer robots, rockets and more!

See Heroes, Inc in action: Here

Hinc1 Hinc2


  • Endless flying through the city, rooftops, and sewers.
  • Unlock new heroes; HexClast, Ben Blade, Mercury, Spirit Girl.
  • Upgrade their abilities, and buy powers: Super speed, Invisibility etc
  • Heroes, Inc. comic book and concept art included.

Heroes, Inc looks to be an extremely fun endless runner with a unique superhero theme. If you’re a fan of endless runners you MUST give Hereos, Inc a serious look!


Rise to Fame from LEVEL BIT

From the developers of the popular side-scrolling shooter Jane Wilde comes a new type of RPG where you’ll be leading a band of warriors against a demanding and angry crowd. Rise to Fame is a reaction RPG where you get to act out your inner rockstar! Travel the globe  while you smash your guitar, dodge projectiles from the angry drunken crowd, get the girl’s attention, and play for everyone from cowboys to zombies! Rise to Fame is a game that is suited for both casual and hardcore gamers as it’s easy to learn but challenging to master.

See Rise to Fame in action: Here

R2R1 R2R2


  • 3D GRAPHICS – Cool, stylized 3D graphics.
  • SONGS – 5 totally original rock songs especially tailored for this game!
  • STAGES – Various stages where you can try to satisfy audience before gig ends and become famous!
  • ALTER MUSIC – Enjoy the possibility to alter the music tracks with different special abilities of the band members.
  • OUTFITS – Customize your band’s looks with awesome outfits, which serve as your armor.
  • INSTRUMENTS – Try the best instruments as your weapons!
  • SKILLS – Learn and use over 20 upgradable RPG skills.

Rise to Fame is a stellar new RPG that takes place in a unique rockstar world. Definitely give this one a download!


Robo & Bobo from Nice Touch Games

Inside a vast robot factory scientists are testing a robot’s love for his teddy bear to the limits. Can you use the simple controls to command Robo and help him pass all the tests so he can finally be reunited with his adorable friend Bobo? Robo & Bobo is a fun game that plays out like a puzzler, but it’s also a great way to teach someone about computer programming, which makes it fun for all ages.

See Robo & Bobo in action: Here

RandB1 RandB2


  • Adorable and funny characters
  • Tricky 3D puzzles
  • Beautiful 3D graphics
  • Program a robot without typing any code

Robo & Bobo is a a cute puzzler that is fun for all ages. The gameplay elements that revolve around programming code really make this game stand out as something truly unique. Download it today!


Run for Rum from Reload Game Studio

Run for Rum is a strategy and tactics game that was a contest finalist for a Latin American game competition put on by Square Enix. The gameplay in Run for Rum is rather simple and it’s based round gameplay elements found in classic board games like chess and checkers.
You take control of Short Legs Bill, who is a fisherman with an extraordinary talent for telling lies. Your adventure begins when Short Legs Bill’s best friend Jake has enough of the lies and decides to put a curse on Bill that would turn his biggest lie into a reality! And thus comes the most terribly tyrant of the seven seas; Road Jack! In Run for Rum you’ll play with several different character classes that each have their own set of skills and style. There are over two hundred different battles and a total of eighteen story-related stages that are yours to play over and over again. Each match is an all new battle!

See Run for Rum in action: Here

R4rum1 R4rum2

Rum for Run was a finalist in a Square Enix competition, so that along should be enough reason for someone to give this a download. Solid graphics, a unique style of gameplay, and a great storyline make Rum for Rum a game you should definitely check out.


Solar Flux HD / Solar Flux Pocket from Firebrand Games

Solar Flux HD and Solar Flux Pocket are two similar games, but two completely unique experiences. As such I have decided to add both to the round-up – but just note that Solar Flux HD has been designed primarily for use on the large screen of a tablet, while Solar Flux Pocket is designed to be played on devices with a smaller screen, such as your phone.

In Solar Flux HD you will travel across the universe to save dying suns from extinction. You will do this through the game’s unique and challenging space puzzle strategy gameplay which will have you both problem solving and using precise dexterity skills to bring order to the cosmos. As you sail your ship through the solar flares and imploding stars you’ll also come across other spacely challenges like Supernovas, Asteroid Fields, Meteors and Black Holes.

See Solar Flux HD in action: Here


Solar Flux HD Features:

  • 80+ progressively challenging missions
  • 4 unique galaxies each with their own unique challenges
  • Earn 3 stars in each mission for total bragging rights
  • Leaderboards to compare your score with friends
  • Post your accomplishments to Facebook

As stated above Solar Flux Pocket is a similar game to Solar Flux HD, however it has been specifically designed for smaller devices – and also offers a whopping 80 all new pocket sized levels that are unique from its HD brother!

It is up to you to save the dying suns by collecting plasma in your specialized ship. In this unique puzzle strategy game you are the last hope to bring salvation back to a perishing universe. Supernovas, Asteroid Fields, and force fields are just some of the challenges you will face as you navigate your ship through the intense heat of imploding stars in order to complete your mission.
See Solar Flux Pocket in action: Here

Solar Flux Pocket Features:

  • 2 Unique galaxies with 80 levels **With FREE updates to come**
  • A Mission rating system to test your mastery
  • Harness planetary orbits to your advantage
  • Keep ahead of your friends in the Leaderboards
  • Achievements earned as you play

Both Solar Flux games look simply stunning and no gamer should be caught without at least on of them on their device! Head over to Google Play to grab Solar Flux HD for their tablet or Solar Flux Pocket for their phone, or both! (That’s probably the best option!).


Spider Tilt from Move2M Ltd

Spider Tilt is a game that takes a whole new spin on the classic “area capture” genre. A big storm has just swept you, a tiny spider, into the woods. You find yourself up against many dangerous creatures, but you want to get out of here alive! By tilting your phone or tablet you will send your spider around the game world with the goal of capturing the majority of the level. Along the way you will pick up a variety of power ups, you’ll advance your skills, and you will even change your avatar to one of the crazy ones available in the in game store. Spider Tilt is a game that will guarantee hours of endless fun for kids, adults and everyone who dares to enter the forest!

Stilt1 Stilt3

Spider Tilt is a unique take on the classic “land capture” style of gameplay that shouldn’t be passed up on. The fun game mechanics and very well designed cartoon art style make Spider Tilt a game that everyone in the family is sure to fall in love with. This is a MUST download!


XnO from Digital Eclairs

The inhabitants of Vazooka have been captured! You must join X and his friends on their whimsical journey to rescue lovely lady penguin O, and the other penguin families. You’ll shoot the jolly puffer, P, using the unique aiming powers of the mighty turtle, T, to break open the cage and release the captured penguin. Discover the power of double headed turtle TT. Power-up on angels while evading the destructive power of demons. It’s a lot to take in, and the concept is incredulously bizarre, but XnO is a tonne of fun and quite unlike anything else out there.

See XnO in action: Here

XnO1 XnO2


  • Win trophies for rescuing penguins!
  • Unlock 52 unique levels!
  • 5 beautifully crafted environments!
  • Enchanting characters and engrossing story!
  • Brilliant Gameplay with intuitive controls!
  • Use of accelerometer and environment physics for enhanced Gameplay!
  • Power ups – stingray, angel guards and lots more!

XnO is a truly addictive yet completely bizzare arcade game that is sure to entertain gamers of all ages. It might not be the most difficult game on the market, but it certainly is one of the most charming. Check it out.



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