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Old School SRPG Death Tower Arrives On Android

An ambitious new strategy RPG called Death Tower has arrived on Google Play that puts a unique mobile spin on a classic genre. Brought to us by Martian Arctic Games, the indie development studio behind fan favorites Rogue Miner and Gem Goblin, Death Tower is an eccentric throwback RPG that mashes together classic gaming archetypes into one tough as nails dungeon crawler with a twist.

Death Tower‘s story is surprisingly complex. Trapped in a massive dungeon filled with bloodthirsty monsters, players will find other characters who have seemingly found themselves in the same predicament. But are they friend or foe? An uneasy alliance forms as the survivors band together to fight back but be careful, which characters you choose to trust in battle could mean the difference between life and death. With almost 20 unique characters to choose from, there are tons of different ways to play and re-play Death Tower.

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After creating their squad players then venture forth into Death Tower‘s 16-bit style levels as they do battle with an ever increasing menagerie of foes. While the highly technical turn based gameplay may initially be intimidating to some players, those that stick with it will find an incredibly deep and rewarding combat system filled with many intricacies.


Death Tower is an addicting throwback to the golden age of RPGs that offers incredibly deep gameplay. It’s available now for $1.99 on Google Play.

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