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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #23

Welcome to another one of our weekly Indie Game Round-ups. This week we have yet another solid selection of indie games for all of you indie game fans to check out. So take a look and be sure to vote for you favorite game in the poll at the bottom of the page. There are a tonne of good ones so good luck picking just one!


Bajul from Joe Joechler

Bajul is a simple new block game that is about clearing moving blocks before they reach the center of the screen. You have to be quick though as blocks flow in continuously!  To clear the blocks you will change the colour of your ball by touching or tilting your device. Match your ball to the colour of the block and BAM! You’ll clear it off the screen. Simple, right? As you play you’ll discover a variety of power-ups and specialty blocks as you progress through all 25 colourful levels. Do you think you can beat them all?

See Bajul in action: Here

Bajul1 Bajul3 Bajul2

Bajul is an extremely stylish puzzler that sports a very unique gameplay style. Puzzle fans definitely can’t pass this one up!


Boson X from Ian MacLarty

Boson X before is a fast-paced rotational runner that takes place inside of a particle accelerator. While in this particle accelerator you will be quantum jumping across various Planck’s as you build up your speed. As you get faster and faster you will begin to generate high-energy collisions that will reward you with a collection of strange new particles. The concept might sound simple enough, but you are really going to need to use precise timing and extremely fast reflexes if you  plan on successfully navigating this hazardous subatomic world. Do you think you have what it takes to gain enough momentum to find the elusive Boson X?

See Boson X in action: Here

boson4 boson1


  • Fast-paced, unforgiving gameplay
  • Six distinct procedurally generated levels to master
  • No superfluous powerups, coins or XP systems – just deadly serious scientific research
  • Simple, precise controls – no swiping or tilting
  • Discover the principles of each level by repeated experimentation and observation

If you’re a fan of games that will push your reflexes to the max or you’re just looking for a serious challenge you can’t afford to pass up on Boson X. Boson X is a great runner that you should definitely download today!


Burst Action from Probe Games

Burst Action tells the tale of a lone warrior whose been sent to find and eliminate the source of a deadly plague of mutant monsters that have overrun his sci-fi fantasy world. This means taking the fight to them and thus players begin their descent into the enemies lair armed with nothing but a pair of swords and an attitude. Since the games hero possesses super human speed players can swipe anywhere on the screen to have him slice away at opponents weak spots or deftly manoeuvre into position for a critical blow. There are tons of different enemy types including huge bosses to watch out for and each have their own special abilities. It’s great fun swiping away at hordes of enemies as they attempt to eliminate the games protagonist.

See Burst Action in action: Here

BurstAction1 BurstAction2


  • 26 Levels full of action.
  • Endless Mode!
  • Time Attack Mode!
  • Online Leaderboards!
  • More modes!
  • New Chapters!

A unique action experience filled with gorgeous graphics and addicting gameplay, Burst will blow you away. It’s available now for $.99 on Google Play.


Dumpster Dive! from CHUDCHUD Industries

Dumpster Dive is a new endless runner that takes place inside of a dumpster. People throw away a tonne of valuable stuff (another man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right?), so why isn’t anyone taking advantage of it? It’s up to you to start up your messy journey by diving into different dumpsters with your goal being to gather items that will build up your high score. You’ll collect food items like pizza, burgers, and corndogs that will help you to gain speed, but you need to watch out for dangers like bottles and trash bags. In addition to just building a high score you will also collect cassettes that will add new tracks to the game, paint tubes that will let you dye your hair, and stars that will unlock new dumpsters for you to explore!

See Dumpster Dive in action: Here

Dumpster1 Dumpster2


  • UNIQUE DUMPSTERS: test your diving prowess in a variety of dumpsters, each with their own individual perks and pitfalls
  • UNLOCKABLE SOUNDTRACK: featuring great DIY bands and musicians that add to the punk aesthetic of the game
  • LEADERBOARDS and ACHIEVEMENTS: compete against fellow scavengers and prove your dumpster spelunking abilities
  • CUSTOMIZE CHARACTERS: from mohawks to devilocks, ratty tanks to studded vests, and a variety of colors to bool, make your ‘pixel punk’ however you choose!
  • MONTHLY UPDATES: with additional content such as new dumpsters, music tracks, special characters and more!
  • NO ADS or IAPs: pay once for the complete game
  • and PIXEL ART because why not!

Dumpster Dive! is the first ever garbage themed endless runner, and it looks like a tonne of fun. It has a unique gameplay style, a killer punk soundtrack, and some truly wicked pixel graphics. This is one game that doesn’t deserve a place in the trash!


Furiosity from Bart Bonte

Bart Bonte, the developer of a few of the most addictive indie puzzlers you’ll find on Google Play (sugar,sugar and factory balls) has just released another his newest game “Furiosity”. Furiosity is a logic puzzler that stemmed from Peter Molyneux’s “Curiosity”. While that game was all about mindlessly tapping away at blocks on a giant cube, Furiosity is what Curiosity would have been if it was an actual game. Furiosity originally started out as a 40 level browser game but has since been redesigned and optimized for mobile devices and now features 144 of challenging logic based gameplay.

See Furiosity in action: Here

fur1 fur2 fur3

Bart Bonte’s release of Furiosity is yet another one of his unique puzzlers that is sure to get puzzle fans excited. Head on over to Google Play right away and grab this surefire hit today!


The Greedies from Felino Studio

The Greedies is a deceptively simple arcade free runner that is sure to twist your brain and cross your eyeballs! Your goal in the Greedies is to steal as much cash as you can from the unsuspecting victims in each stage. You’ve got to keep a watchful eye open for any cops that might be wandering around too, because they are sure to put a quick end to your thieverous ways. Oh, and did I mention that you’ve only got 60 seconds to grab as much loot as you can? You’ll have to be quick and lucky if you want to set a new high score!

See Greedies in action: Here

Greedies1 Greedies2



The Greedies is a super stylish arcade free runner that looks to be fun for all ages. Definitely check this one out!


Lost in Paradise from Elev8 Games

Lost in Paradise is a new point-and-click adventure game that follows in the footsteps of classics from the genre like Myst, The Lost City, and the Broken Sword series. You take control of a crew member of a suddenly and mysteriously capsized ship that was journeying through the notorious Bermuda Triangle. You find that you are the sole survivor of this tragic disaster and you seem to be all by yourself on this deserted island. Get back to nature, learn and hone your REAL world survival skills, solve puzzles and live the adventure

See Lost in Paradise in action: Here

LiP1 LiP2


  • Explore over 25 stunning natural locations with brilliantly alive animations, sounds and weather effects.
  • Enjoy six beautiful, relaxing and mysterious music tracks specially tailored to the environments and puzzles (with in game volume controls).
  • Challenge yourself with over a dozen logic puzzles and mini-games to tease your brain and test your skill.
  • Learn REAL survival skills that you can carry over into the real world, like building a camp fire, knife, rope and much more in the wild.
  • Gather clues, notes and items to solve conundrums and unravel the mystery of the island.
  • In game map to easily travel between locations and in game diary to record and store clues.
  • In game tutorial system for newer players. Whether you are a casual gamer or a seasoned puzzler, the game is fit for everyone.
  • In game context-sensitive hint system – If you’re stuck, you can get a single hint at a time to nudge you along, without having to leave the game to look at entire walkthroughs online and jump into spoilers.
  • Hot spot highlight system – no pixel hunting, all gameplay.
  • Multi-language support – currently available in English and German and many other languages coming soon.

Lost in Paradise is a third person point and click adventure that looks like any of the genre classics from the 1990s. Fans of this genre should prepare to immerse themselves in a lost paradise filled with a deep mystery that hides beyond it’s pristine shores.


LvLn from Tanuki Entertainment

LvLN is a retro-styled side-scrolling RPG that is all about leveling up your character and collecting loads of valuable loot. Getting a game started in LvLn couldn’t get any simpler than it is. Select the character you want to use and you’ll jump straight into the game’s endearing 16-bit game world. Once in the game you’ll control your character using the game’s simple left/right control scheme, which makes it easier than ever to destroy enemies, collect loot, and of course level up your character. LvLn’s simplistic game mechanics make it a game that is easy to recommend for gamers of all ages.

See LvLn in action: Here

LvLn LvLn2


  • 4 awesome characters to play!
  • 3 game modes!
  • Classic arcade gameplay!
  • Retro 16 bit graphics and animation!
  • Challenging bosses!
  • Unlimited leveling! Purchase upgrades!
  • Quests! Rewards! LOOT!

LvLn is a great action, adventure RPG that you can pickup and play anywhere. It’s a perfect adventure while waiting at the bus stop or standing in line! Get some quick action gameplay when you want it!


Omicron from Canupa

Omicron is a color reaction game that has been designed to be played either by one or two players on the same device. Your goal is to eliminate the various tiles to earn time bonuses and to increase the game’s difficulty level. Omicron also features 3 addictive game modes: Classic, Arcade, and Versus.

See Omicron in action: Here

Omicron1 Omicron2

Omicron is a unique puzzle experience that is a lot of fun whether you’re playing solo or with a friend. Do not miss out on this one!


Plug It! from haveuplayed

Deep within the tropical rain forests of Central America volcanoes are bursting to life. It’s hatching season for the Pikuni lizards and their eggs are dangerously close to the sink holes that will soon be filled with molten hot magma. Help Goi the lizard to block the holes and stop the flow of lava. Save the eggs from becoming a fiery offering to the mountain gods!

See Plug It in action: Here

PlugIt1 PlugIt2 PlugIt3


  • Play 90 levels, replayable in 3 distinct modes:
  • Avoid the eggs and plug the hole in Egg Mode
  • Roll the spheres to collect the treasure in Coin Mode
  • Plug the hole against the clock in Time Attack Mode
  • Use your collected golden coins to unlock the special bonus level and have fun squashing the bad eggs before they can hatch.
  • Beautiful and unique graphic style
  • Original music

Plug It! is a cute physics puzzler that you shouldn’t pass up on. Plug It’s fun art style, huge amount of content, and unbelievably addictive gameplay make it a game that should be on every mobile device!


Polarity from Bluebutton Games

Polarity is a beautiful new first person puzzling adventure game that allows you to experience the thrill of hacking into a super secure virtual bank. While in the bank you’ll solve mind bending puzzles that require you to run, jump, throw, and invert your way into the heart of the system to steal data for your clients.

See Polarity in action: Here

Polarity1 Polarity2


  • Become a hacker!
  • Immersive first person gameplay.
  • Awesome HD graphics.
  • Intriguing storyline.
  • Complex, clear and clever puzzles.
  • Deadly obstacles.
  • Collectable data fragments.
  • Awesome original soundtrack

Polarity is an absolutely stunning 3D puzzler that shouldn’t be missed out on. With elements from great 3D puzzle games like Portal how can you really go wrong? Download Polarity today!


Slide from Penta Pixel

Slide is a puzzle game in which you must eliminate all the colored blocks by letting two or more of the same colour touch. Sounds simple, right? Well, there’s one catch: all blocks are moved simultaneously! Not so simple sounding any more, is it? Try it now and see if you can complete all 80+ challenging levels!

See Slide in action: Here

Slide3 Slide2 Slide1

Slide is a fun looking puzzler that has a great art style, unique puzzle gameplay, and a tonne of content that is sure to keep any puzzle gaming fan busy for quite a while. Slide over to Google Play and get this gem today!


Square Off from Gnomic Studios

In Square Off you will blast, dodge and disintegrate the alien enemy in a desperate bid to save humanity. You have a vast arselnal of deadly weapons such as shotguns, bombs and missiles that will help you to survive the enslaught of waves of murderous enemies. The game also features beautiful sound, awesome 2.5D graphics, and hordes of vicious aliens and highly addictive gameplay. If you pick up Square off on Android you will be treated with a lengthy seven-level single-player campaign, while if you grab it for the OUYA you also gain access to local co-op and deathmatch modes.

See Square off in action: Here

SquareOff1 SquareOff2


  • Five free levels of hand-drawn, unadulterated arcade action
  • Funky original soundtrack
  • Online scoreboards shared between platforms
  • Twin-stick input system carefully tuned for touch devices
  • Support for tablets and phones
  • Games can be saved so you don’t have to lose progress when the train arrives
  • Survival mode for endless replayability

Square Off is a highly entertaining dual-stick shooter that is among the very best available on Android. If you’ve got an itch to blast away at a tonne of menacing aliens you really need to download Square Off today!


Tic Tactics from Hidden Variable Studios

Tic Tactics is a fun new game from the makers of Bag It! that puts a fantastic new twist on the classic turn-based multiplayer game ‘Tic Tac Toe’. If you have an idea of how Tic Tac Toe works you’ll be able to pick up Tic Tactics with ease. How this game changes up the formula is that now YOU DECIDE precisely where to send your opponent with every turn. You’ll be amazed by the strategic depth that awaits you in Tic Tactics! So get ready to challenge your friends and strangers alike to increase your rank and become the ultimate Tic Tactician!

TicTac1 TicTac3 TicTac2


  • FREE!
  • Turn-based, online multiplayer
  • Full tablet support – all shapes and sizes!
  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Sleek and colorful interface
  • Worldwide ranking system
  • Challenge your friends on Facebook!
  • Full Player Profiles – Check out detailed stats for you and your opponents!
  • Local Pass & Play – Great for a quick game with friends!

Tic Tactics puts a fun new twist on a classic which makes it stand out as something truly unique. Download Tic Tactics today and start climbing your way up the worldwide leaderboards!


Tiny Hope from Blyts

Tiny Hope is an awesome new adventure game from the developer of the hugely entertaining Greedy Spiders series (check them out here: Greedy Spiders & Greedy Spiders 2). In Tiny Hope you find yourself in what seems to be the near impossible of saving the world. You are the very last drop of water left on earth and you must travel from deep in the forest to the cloning machine if there’s to be any hope of bringing water back to the planet. You’ll have to switch between steam, ice or water in order to make your way through Tiny Hope’s 72 puzzle filled levels.

See Tiny Hope in action: Here

TinyHope1 TinyHope2

Tiny Hope is a great new puzzle filled adventure game that is fun for gamers of all ages. Download it today!


Vacation Vexation from Nostatic Software

Nostatic Software is an indie developer that is well known for their great retro themed games. A few of the developer’s more popular games include Sokoban for Beginners, Kung Fu FIGHT!, and of course their “Quite, Please!” series of games. Vacation Vexation is actually a follow-up to the original “Quiet, Please”, and it follows the original family while they are vacationing near the seashore. Take in the sun, have fun in the sand, and deal with annoyances galore! You’ll explore, solve puzzles and play arcade mini-games while trying to make it through this vacation with your sanity intact.

VacationV1 VacationV2


  • Classic adventure game fun on your hand-held device.
  • Explore a lighthearted and humorous environment.
  • Use your wits and a bit of mischief to solve puzzles.
  • Play mini-games in the Funhaus arcade.

If you’re looking for a fun adventure game filled with tonnes of fun puzzles to solve you’ll want to give Vacation Vexation a download right away!


Zombie Volcano from Nocanwin

Just a few weeks ago we featured Nocanwin’s unique endless game Baby Lava Bounce in our weekly round-up. Since then the developer has gone ahead and released a zombie themed version of that game called Zombie Volcano. You probably thought that zombies would die if they fell into a volcano, right? Well, you’d be wrong. These volcano zombies died young so they want to go fast! With your help they’ll do just that!

ZombieVolc1 ZombieVolc2


  • Easy one button controls
  • Skill based gameplay
  • Pineapple destruction
  • Destruction of non-pineapple objects
  • Pixel art
  • Leaderboards and achievements

Get ready to bounce your volcano zombie across the once peaceful tropical landscape and crash into pineapples, palm trees, tourists, boats, cars, etc. to propel yourself faster and farther.


Zombits from Madlore Games

Help to defeat the adorable Zombits and save the Ninja family from an inevitable doom! Bounce, throw, and smash your way to fun with the Ninja-kun! The Zombits are everywhere! Adorable Zombits are stopping your every move, so throw your ninja star to defeat these cute zombies. Challenge yourself with 60+ levels of Ninja Star throwing puzzles in this newest physics game!

Zombits2 Zombits1

Zombits is a cute zombie-themed physics game that is sure to be fun for the entire family. Download it today!



Do you have a game that you’d like to see in one of our weekly round-ups? Shoot me an email at [email protected] If you use Twitter follow me @SGDjames


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