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Double Fine’s Epic Adventure Game The Cave Arrives On OUYA

The wait is finally over! Double Fine’s highly anticipated Xbox 360 action adventure game The Cave has made its way to the OUYA. The brainchild of Secret Of Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert, The Cave is a gorgeous puzzle style platformer that tells the tale of seven unique individuals who must explore a massive, sentient cavern that holds what is most precious to each particular explorer. In order to do so though they’ll have to brave the bizarre lands and creatures that lurk beneath the ground. Locales like a twisted amusement park, possessed medieval castle, and post apocalyptic nuclear launch site will test players ability to both solve puzzles and survive the many dangers that await.

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With gameplay similar to the platforming classic The Lost Vikings, The Cave allows players to pick up to three adventurers to explore with at a time. Each has his/her own strengths and weaknesses with the key to completing each stage lying in successfully using their unique abilities in concert. One may be able to jump much higher than all the others, or another character may be able to push heavier objects, so planning ahead by picking the right team for each challenge is important.


A beautiful adventure game filled with Double Fine’s trademark art style and gameplay, The Cave is available now for $4.99 on the OUYA store.


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