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RPG Shoot Em Up Shuttle Quest 2000 Flys Onto Google Play

When it comes to Playstation Mobile there is one developer, TACS Games, that towers above all the rest with its outstanding lineup of indie games and support for the Sony-centric platform. Led by one-man indie studio Thomas Hopper, TACS Games has consistently released indie hit after hit with fan favorites like Radiant Flux and the more recently released Super Tank Poker topping the Playstation Mobile charts. While Android users with access to the Playstation Mobile store have been enjoying TACS Games’ many hits, anyone with an unsupported device has been unfortunately unable to see what these acclaimed indie masterpieces are all about. That changes today however as TACS Games has released its incredible action RPG Shuttle Quest 2000 on Google Play for all Android users to enjoy, and better yet it’s free!

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Shuttle Quest 2000 is a retro themed hybrid of the RPG and shooter genres that harkens back to the golden days of mobile gaming when the Gameboy was king. This epic space opera tells the tail of a bitter intergalactic war wrought by an evil alien general named Xzarod that utterly destroys an elite space fighting force save for one lone hero who manages to flee the carnage in an experimental ship known only as Battle Shuttle. Battered and bruised, but not defeated, players take on the role of this lone hero as he travels the galaxy fighting General Xzarod’s forces and earning credits in order to trick out his ship with a mind-numbing array of different weapons and upgrades for the Battle Shuttle. When we reviewed Shuttle Quest 2000 back in August we gave it a 4.1 out of 5 calling it nostalgic, engrossing, and addicting.

You can read our full review of Shuttle Quest 2000 here.


One of the best mobile indie games of 2013 has arrived on Android. Do yourself a favor and download it today. You can pick up Shuttle Quest 2000 right now for free on Google Play.

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