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Panic Art Studios Puts Their Recent GameJam Submission Gang of Three onto Google Play

Panic Arts Studios, the developers behind the hugely popular zombie shooter Zombie Kill of the Week and the upcoming roguelike hack-n-slash Hero Siege have just released their most recent GameJam creation Gang of Three onto Google Play. Gang of Three is a retro themed shooter that has been inspired by classics of the genre like Metal Slug, Sunset Riders, and the Megaman series. The devs did a great job of recreating the feel of this classic genre, and you’re sure to be surprised by the level of quality that exist in the game considering it was created in just 48 hours! That’s right, Gang of Three was pulled together by the three man crew at Panic Art Studios in just 48 hours!

GoT1 GoT2

This small development team consists of Elias Viglione who did the games art, Jussi Kukkonen who did the programming, and Aleksi Kujala put together the game’s music. As a fun little bonus the team has included themselves into the game as playable characters so you’ll get to take control of Elias (aka “Edgar Viper”), Jussi (aka “Chief Whispering Cock”), or Aleksi (aka “Albert Krueger”).

It’s worth noting that Gang of Three is still in its alpha stage and currently consists of just one very long level. That’s not to say that the game is incomplete in any way, as I have played through it and it is quite a lot of fun. The controls are smooth, the gameplay is fun, and as always with Panic Arts the art style is fantastic. The devs have also guaranteed future updates for the game which means you’ll be getting a plethora of additional content as the team builds on what the game already has going for it.


I highly recommend heading over to Google Play and getting your hands on this great little shooter today. Sure it is still in its alpha stage but I assure you it is a very well made shooter that you’ll be surprised was created in a mere 48 hour period. The promise of future content is very exciting, and knowing how the guys at Panic Arts Studios work I’m certain that Gang of Three is going to become one hell of an awesome game.

Oh, and make sure to mark Hero Siege‘s release date of December 18th on your calendar. This is one game you don’t want to miss out on!

Developer Website: Panic Art Studios

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