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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #25

It has been yet another stellar week of awesome indie game releases. This week we’ve got a list that features a tonne of different genres and I highly recommend checking out as many of these games as you possibly can!

I wont keep you waiting any longer! Take a look at these fantastic indie games and make sure to vote for your favorite in the poll at the bottom of the page.

4 Thrones Solitaire from Simple Machine

When I first heard that the new game 4 Thrones Solitaire was a new twist on solitaire I had to try it out. I wasn’t quite sure how the gameplay could change all that much from the first one, but the devs did a wonderful job of creating a whole new gaming experience that still feels a lot like soilitaire. Instead of making piles of cards of the same suit in numerical order you will be placing cards of a higher numerical value anywhere it will fit in your four piles. While this sounds like it would make the game extremely simple I assure you that you’re wrong. 4 Thrones Solitaire is just like solitaire in that you’ll be relying on a fair amount of strategy and luck if you want to be successful.

4 Thrones Solitaire also features a truly stunning minimalistic art style and 20 unlockable themes that make this a real joy to look at.

See 4 ThronesSolitaire in action: Here

Screenshot_2013-12-08-00-09-27 Screenshot_2013-12-08-00-19-40 Screenshot_2013-12-08-00-24-55


  • Unlock 20 of the coolest generative themes you’ve ever seen in a card game.
  • Challenge your friends and the rest of the world on the leaderboards.
  • Accomplish challenging milestones and achievements.
  • No ads and no in app purchases.


Breakeroids from Coolpowers

Breakeroids is a fantastic new retro-inspired arcade game that is based around two seemingly unrelated classic games – Arkanoid (aka “brick breaker” and Asteroids. In this game you will be protecting the earth from waves of asteroids with just a paddle and a bouncing ball.  Breakeroids is displayed using some vibrant vector graphics that work brilliantly with the concept, but you’ll also be treated to modern gameplay features like leaderboards, achievements, and a versus mode that lets you face off against either your friend or the game’s CPU. Also, Breakeroids features a great feature that will let you save the gameplay at any point so this is perfect in both short gaming bursts or long gameplay sessions!

See Breakeroids in action: Here

breaker3 breaker2 breaker1


The Depths from Flathead Games

The Depths is a new roguelike adventure game that has just landed onto Google Play thanks to the efforts of indie developer Flathead games. This fun roguelike takes on the elements you’d expect to find in the genre, so that means you’ll be fighting monsters, avoiding traps, upgrading your equipment, and hunting for loot as you explore the game’s 20 floors. There are a large variety of monsters to destroy, three different character classes, and plenty of secrets to discover in this fantastic looking new roguelike adventure game.

depths1 depths2


Dodge & Roll from Unnyhog Entertainment

Dodge & Roll is a new action-puzzler that has you controlling a small snowball that has found himself in a mysterious and wonderful land and snow. Unfortunately he is unaware of who his is or how he got there but he is determined to figure this all out. You’ll take this snowball on the adventure of a lifetime as you roll your way passed enemies, avoid obstacles, and solve the large variety of challenging puzzles. You’re in charge of this small snowballs destiny so don’t let him down!

See Dodge & Roll in action: Here

D&R1 D&R2


Galaxoid: Retro Space Shooter from Jacob Davis

Galaxoid is a fast-paced retro space shooter that has been designed with elements from classic 80’s arcade games like Galaxian, Galaga and Space Invaders. Fans of the genre are sure to eat this right up, but there a tonne of modern gameplay elements and unique features that will keep the gameplay exciting for all other gamers. Galaxoid is jam packed with 50 levels, 5 bosses and also leaderboards and achievements through Google Play Game Services!

See Galaxoid in action: Here

galaxoid galaxoid2


Gang of Three from Panic Art Studios

Gang of Three is a retro themed shooter from the wicked indie developers at Panic Art Studios that has been inspired by classic shooters like Metal Slug, Sunset Riders, and the Megaman series. Most impressively of all these 3 guys pulled this whole game together as part of a 48 hour GameJam! With it being completed so quickly it is worth pointing out that Gang of Three is still in its alpha stage of development and presently features just one very long level. The gameplay is a tonne of fun though, and the devs have guaranteed future updates for the game which means there’s going to be a bunch of additional content and features added as the team continues to work on it. I’ve check it out and I’m really impressed by what already exists in the game and I can’t wait to see what gets added in the near future.

See Gang of Three in action: Here

GoT1 GoT2


Hard Hats from Pandco

Mad orbs are appearing everywhere! What’s one to do when this happens? Well, smash ’em all up with your wrecking ball of course! As you play you will unlock the hidden secret hats, earn XP to upgrade your wrecking ball, and compete with your friends through Facebook!

See Hard Hats in action: Here

hardhats1 hardhats2


NeverMaze from Krungie Factor

NeverMaze is a hit maze game that was originally released for the BlackBerry 10. NeverMaze is a game that is completely jam packed with mazes! In fact the game makes use of a set of sophisticated algorithms that makes it possible to have an infinite number of randomly generated mazes. These mazes range greatly in their levels of difficulty which makes NeverMaze for gamers of all ages. If you’re a fan of mazes or you’re just looking for a game that will be fun for the whole family you’ve got to give NeverMaze a download today!

Nm3 NM2 Nm1


Overflow from Albedo Games

Overflow is a unique new tile matching game that is all about proximity and time. Your objective in the game is to prime as many tiles as possible before they overflow. You’ll have to make your moves strategically though as triggering huge combos is the best way to get that new high score! In addition to unique gameplay features Overflow also sports a beautiful color-shifting minimalistic art style and a killer soundtrack to boot. If you’re looking for a fun and frantic game for when you’re on the go you’ve got to check out Overflow!

overflow3 overflow2 overflow1


Parity from Decimal61

Parity is a fast-paced math game that has been designed to test and improve your mental arithmetic. You will be racing against the clock to form as many equations on the board as you can. You’ll have to strategize here though as you score points by creating multiple equations at the same time. You’ll play through a variety of game modes and difficulty levels as the game challenges your mental addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. Parity is sure to challenge even the best math wizards.

parity1 parity2 parity3


Pirate Blitz from  12 Gauge Studio

Pirate Blitz is a fast paced shooter that pits you against some modern day pirates with a distinct art style and thrilling game play. You’re the captain of a ship that is armed to the teeth, but you’ll need all the firepower you can muster to fend off the blood thirsty pirates that come at you by sea, air, and land! By using the game’s easy to learn and fun to master upgrade system you will earn new boats, weaponry, and outrageous smart bombs that will help you to fight off endless hordes of pirates! The devs state that Pirate Blitz will be receiving further updates that will provide players with new enemies, new player boats, and new story too.

See Pirate Blitz in action: Here

pirateb1 pirateb2


Rotation Station from  Vorpal Games

The revolving world of Rotation Station is really going to get you thinking! You must turn the world to your will while collecting power-ups that will help to guide your fragile little blobs to the finish. If you can finish the game’s levels in as few rotations as possible you’ll free more stars and unlock some fun bonus levels too. You can also grab a few of your mates to play some pass-and-play multiplayer for up to 8 players! You have to use the power-ups to your advantage so you can outfox your friends to connect all of your blobs in a row while the stage rotates around you. Plan far ahead, or risk it on power-ups! The time is now to join the revolution!

See Rotation Station in action: Here

Rotationstation2 Rotationstation1


Turtles on Ice for ABBD Software

Turtles on Ice lets you take control of an unfortunate turtle who is stuck out on a slippery block of ice. This little guy is trying to survive among the other turtles that are fighting for the precious food of choice: PIZZA! Your goal in Turtles on Ice is to avoid the enemy turtles while grabbing as many pizzas as possible. Doing this will help to build up your high score, which you can then share with your friends via Facebook and through the game’s global leaderboards. Turtles on Ice features two fun gameplay modes and several difficulty levels too. Oh and best of all Turtles on Ice is totally free!

turtlesonice1 turtlesonice2


UDLR:SWIPE from 11:11 Studios

UDLR:SWIPE is a simple but elegant swiping game that has “pick up and play” written all over it. You’ll be competing against your friends while showing off your swiping prowess. Your goal here is to get in as many swipes as you can before you mess up. By swiping in the right direction you’ll add time to the clock, but if you run out of time or swipe incorrectly it’s game over! UDLR:SWIPE features a great minimalistic design, unique swiping gameplay, and leaderboards so you can show off your mad skills to you friends.

See UDLR:SWIPE in action: Here




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