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Multiplayer Friendly RTS Castle Raid 2 Marches onto Google Play

Indie Developer Arctic Mill has just released a sequel to their popular RTS game Castle Raid. Castle Raid is best known for its unique tug-of-war style of RTS gameplay, and Castle Raid 2 continues with this formula. Castle Raid 2 also takes place in a magical medieval world that is populated by noble knights and sage wizards, dragons and assassins, and the ruthless new enemy the Reavers. You’ll defend your fortress from devastating enemy attacks as you progress in battles that cross the snow covered lands of the Frozen Plains and the beautiful open fields of the Greenlands. You must learn the ways of your enemy if you are going to come out of battle alive.

Castle Raid 2 allows you to play against a friend via a single device versus mode but it also features a challenging single player campaign mode to fight your way through. The game features 20 battlefields, three difficulty modes, gladiator and time challenges, 9 upgradable unit classes and a lot more. Castle Siege 2 is a game that is sure to keep any RTS fan busy for quite a while.

castleraid1 castleraid2


  • Unique single device multiplayer – Fight your best friends to see who’s the boss!
  • Fight your way through 20 battlegrounds, in two different worlds. With delightful new obstacles such as dangerous spike traps and thorny defense barricades, arrow firing fortified turrets and strategically placed guard zones. Oh, and did we mention the dragon? We have a dragon.
  • Choose from 9 different units when setting your battle formation. Meet the evil Warlock, the sneaky Rogue, the King’s Guard, the cunning Wizard and the reckless Demolition Expert.
  • Find out who the Reavers are and why they talk so funny (hint: they make up for their speech impediment with brute force).
  • Can you outsmart the computer opponent in Casual, Normal or Heroic difficulty? He’s got like… loads of RAM, so good luck with that.
  • Intuitive gameplay, pick up and do battle – Castle Raid style!
  • Story based campaign mode with beautifully illustrated graphics.
  • Have you beaten the computer opponent in campaign mode and think the game is over? Think again. To really beat the game you have to complete all challenges: Time challenge – beat the level within a specific time. Gladiator challenge – beat the level with a predefined unit setup (trim your fingernails for this one!).
  • Stunning retina graphics and beautiful animations.
  • Use our global leaderboards and over 40 achievements to compete with people all over the world.


If you’re a fan of RTS games there is absolutely no reason to pass up on Castle Raid 2. Head on over to Google Play and give this solid game today.

Developer Website: Arctic Mill

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