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Old School Action Puzzler Greedies Sneaks Onto Android

“Greed is good”, as the classic phrase coined by Wall Street antagonist Gordon Gecko goes, is usually considered to be a negative outlook on life for someone to have but when it comes to video games it seems the opposite is almost always true. Case in point is indie developer Felino Studios’ latest creation, an addicting arcade style action puzzler called Greedies that encourages players to steal as much cash as they can without getting busted by the cops. Scarlet Snake, the games anti-hero is a pro when it comes to the art of theft though and she has a ton of useful tricks up her sleeve players can use to rake in loot and foil attempts to capture her.

greediess1  greediess13

Old school and proud of it, Greedies addicting high score based gameplay marries twitch side scroller action with combo heavy puzzle mechanics to great effect. Think Elevator Action meets Super Mario Bros mixed with Pac Man. Heady inspirations to be sure, but Greedies handles it all in stride. Using intuitive touch controls players guide Scarlet Snake around each level as she knocks cash out of unsuspecting pedastrians hands which in turn allows her to pick it up and increase her score. Developing successful pick pocketing strategies is key to getting a high score in Greedies.


Greedies is an addicting arcade style puzzler filled with charming art and inventive gameplay. You can pick it up now for about $2.00 on Google Play.

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