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Quacktastic Water Physics Game Ducky Fuzz Floats onto Google Play

Smiling Bag, the developer behind the awesome retro themed pinball platformer I AM LEVEL (which just so happens to be one of my favorite games of this year) has just released their newest gaming creation Ducky Fuzz onto Google Play. In Ducky Fuzz the aim of the game is to control the ocean’s waves in order to juggle a band of little ducks safely mine infested waters while collecting as much bread as you possibly can. Along the way more ducks are sure to join your troupe and quickly you’ll see that the game starts to feel like a fantastic mixture of Zombie Tsunami, Splishi Splashi, and there’s even a bit of Blocky Roads thrown in there for good measure. Ducky Fuzz‘s concept is simple and quite easy to learn but it will take you some time to truly master it.

ducky1 ducky2

In addition to fun gameplay Ducky Fuzz is also jam packed with content which mostly comes in the way of challenges to achieve. How many ducks can you juggle at once? Can you travel over 1000 nautical miles? Can you safely detonate 100 mines? There also fun puzzle levels to figure out, three star ratings to earn,  and fun unlockable duck costumes and special powers. You are sure to come across some surprising characters on your ducking fun adventure!


Considering the quality of the developer’s previous Android release I am certain that Ducky Fuzz is going to be a blast. Float on over to Google Play and grab this surefire hit today!

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