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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #26

Aaah, the weekend before Christmas! It is today that a majority of people’s Christmas vacation begins, so that means this Round-Up is timed perfectly! You can spend a few minutes checking out the hottest indie games of the week, download a couple, and keep yourself overly entertained for the holidays. There are a tonne of great games this week, so be sure to check out as many as you can. You’ll be glad you did.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you all! I wish each and every one of you all the very best over the holidays and into the new year!

9 from IOJOE

Just a couple of weeks ago I posted the addictive math puzzler 10 in one of our Indie Round-Ups. This unique puzzler features a brilliant minimalistic style (woohoo!), and some very addictive elements that are sure to get any puzzle gaming fan hooked for hours. Today the game’s developer has released a new game called in the same vein as 10 called ‘9‘. 9 uses the same gameplay mechanics as 10, but with the most notable difference being that you’ll be making 9’s rather than 10’s. Overall though the main gameplay formula stays intact and that is certainly not a bad thing at all!  The other change with 10 and 9 is that 10 will cost you $1 over on Google Play while 9 is completely free!

Definitely download 9 today! It features 72 fun puzzles for you to master, and this means you’ll be busy for a while. If you’re a fan of 9 then I highly recommend giving 10 a download as well. You wont be disappointed!

9-2 9-1 9-3


Astro Quest from Baby Squid Studios

Astro Quest is a retro styled action platformer in which jumping, dodging, shooting, and exploring are the name of the game. It turns out that the game’s hero’s planet has been invaded by some dastardly aliens and they’ve even gone ahead and stolen his dog Astro! What’s that all about? Jerks! Well, there’s just one thing you can do about it really –  stop the alien invasion and save both the world and your loving dog Astro.

In addition to Astro Quest‘s fun gameplay you’ve got a tonne of enemy types to battle, many different worlds to explore, and a tonne of weapons to unlock. The game also sports some fantastic retro graphics and some challenging achievements to unlock through Google Play Game Services. There’s a tonne more content that I haven’t even mentioned so there will certainly be enough content in Astro Quest to keep any retro gamer busy for a while.



Bridge The Gap 2 from Monster Robot Studios

Ah, good ol’ Monster Robot Studios. This indie developer is quite possibly the most skilled indie dev out there using their own unique 16-bit graphics style. This style is used in all of their hit games like Mazes and Monsters, Heavy Sword, and their recently released platforming-shooter Steam Punks. Before all of these games Monster Robot Studios released a lesser known game known as Down With The Ship (aka Bridge the Gap 1) which is a unique action strategy physics adventure game.

This dev has just released a follow-up game to Down With The Ship called Bridge the Gap 2. This game actually features a completely new gameplay formula which means you’ll be in for a whole new adventure if you played the original game. This new game puts more of an emphasis on solving puzzles by using various physics elements to solve a whole boat-load of platforming puzzles that are sure to be fun for all ages. Bridge the Gap 2 features 60 all new levels, 9 different pirates to control, and a tonne of unlockable hats and costumes – just to name a few. Bridge the Gap 2 is a free download so there’s no reason to not give it a shot.

See Bridge the Gap 2 in action: Here

bridgethegap2 bridgethegap1


Castle Raid 2 from Arctic Mill

Castle Raid 2 is a new RTS game from indie developer Arctic Mill that features a unique tug-of-war style of gameplay. The game takes place in a magical medieval world that is populated by noble knights and sage wizards, dragons and assassins, and the ruthless new enemy the Reavers. You’ll be defending your fortress from devastating enemy attacks as you progress in battles that cross the snow covered lands of the Frozen Plains to the beautiful open fields of the Greenlands. You must learn the ways of your enemy if you are going to come out of battle alive.

One of the best features in Castle Raid 2 is that you can play against a friend via a single device versus mode! There is a challenging single player campaign mode here too, but it’s always fun to test your skills against your friends. If you download Castle Raid 2 (which you should!) you’ll have access to 20 different battlefields, three difficulty modes, gladiator and time challenges, 9 upgradable unit classes and a whole lot more. If you’re a fan of RTS games you should not pass up Castle Raid 2!

See Castle Raid 2 in action: Here

castleraid1 castleraid2


Compact War from Greenery

Compact War is a new turn-based RTS game from the indie development team Greenery. This fun little game (it is called Compact War after all) is all about conquering all of the castles in a battle zone to come out as the victor. Sure this style of gameplay has been seen before but Compact War does it with style. The game features fun retro graphics, several classes to choose from, multiple difficulty settings, and it’s a mobile game which means you can takes this with you anywhere you go (That’s right! No more sitting in front of a computer for you!).  If you’re a fan of classic RTS gameplay you’ve really got to check Compact War out.

See Compact War in action: Here

Compact1 Compact2


Defenders: Heart Breaker Gaiden from ASH Games

One of this years best indie games, the hack ‘n slash dungeon crawler Heart Breaker, is getting an expanded universe thanks to a newly released spinoff title appropriately named Defenders: Heart Breaker Gaiden. While the original Heart Breaker was more of a traditional style action RPG independent developer ASH Games decided to switch things up for Defenders by amping up the scale of each battle to epic proportions and introducing light strategy elements to create an addicting monster basher that fans of Dynasty Warriors will swoon for. Of course all the things that made the original Heart Breaker good like a fan friendly pricing system and uber deep gameplay are still here, there’s just more of an emphasis on killing monsters rather than looting treasure chests this time around.

heartbreakergss1 heartbreakergs2


Division Cell from Hyperspace Yard

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love game’s that use the minimalistic art style. One such game that does this is the unique new puzzler Division Cell from Hyperspace Yard (these are the guys that made the fantastic physics-puzzler Tupsu!). Division Cell is all about restoring harmony and symmetry to an array of disorganized shapes.  This all takes place in the world of Flatland: a world of colorful origami that is filled with an aestheticaly pleasing tastel tones and a mystic and ethereal soundscape. Sounds like a nice place to me!

To describe the gameplay in Division Cell I guess it’s easiest to say that using geometry you will be manipulating a variety of shapes shapes (rectangles, triangles and wedges, for example) so that they become the same form. In theory this sounds pretty easy, but as you play through the game’s 140 unique levels, try to master the game’s Time Attack mode, or get sucked into the Endless Mode – you’re certain to be challenged quite a bit. And if for some reason that doesn’t sound like enough content you can share levels with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, email and even text messages! Show off the shapes you have encountered and challenge them to see if they can bring order to this chaos!

Division Cell is an absolute must download for any puzzle fans out there!

See Division Cell in action: Here



Ducky Fuzz from Smiling Bag

Ducky Fuzz is a new wave-physics game that is all about manipulating waves to keep your troupe of ducks safe. By pressing on the water you will create a wave that will be helpful in getting your ducks through the mine infested waters safely. While your start out with just one duck initially you’ll eventually come across more ducks to make your travels a bit easier… or maybe more challenging at times. Some of the ducks you’ll find along your journey are even based off of pop-culture characters (eg. RoboCop, Terminator), and they even have super helpful abilities that will help you to swim further than you ever swam before.

In my opinion the gameplay in Ducky Fuzz feels like a kick ass mix of Zombie Tsunami and Splishi Splashi! I’m a huge fan of both of those games, but the great gameplay tweaks that Smiling Bag added into Ducky Fuzz make it really stand out as something fresh and new. The game also features a tonne of fun challenges that you can master which will bring you a myriad of great bonus content that you can use in the game. Completing challenges will earn you additional starting ducks, new costumes for your ducks, and a lot more! There is enough content in Ducky Fuzz to keep any gamer busy and happy for quite a long time.

See Ducky Fuzz in action: Here

ducky1 ducky2


Even Up from Simple Machine

Even Up is a unique new puzzler that has been inspired by Sudoku and is based on one simple rule: pair up tiles to make a match and eventually clear the game board (you know, to even things up!).  It is definitely a simple premise, but as you delve deeper into the game’s 125 hand crafted levels you are sure to be challenged a whole lot of times. Who knows, maybe a puzzle will take take you a mere five minutes to solve… buy maybe you’ll get stumped and end up spending five hours on it instead?! Irregardless all of the puzzles in Even Up are solvable so if you’re dedicated you’ll be able to get passed each and every one of them! And you’re sure to feel like a friggin’ genius each and every time you figure one of them out!

I wanted to also point out that Even Up has been created by the fantastic indie developer Simple Machine. This small team created one of my favorite games of the year – 4 Thrones Solitaire – which I highly recommend checking out in addition to Even Up! You wont be disappointed by either of these games!

EvenUp3 EvenUp1 EvenUp2


Happy Skeleton Factory from Hey Topher

Skeletons are most often used to define death (for obvious reasons), and this must make the life of the average skeleton pretty lonely. Loneliness leads to boredom, and boredom leads to sadness, and soon enough you’ll find yourself with a tonne of sad skeletons. Unfortunately medications have no effect on skeletons, as a lack of internal organs make it rather difficult to digest things. However, thanks to the indie developer Hey Topher there is now a Happy Skeleton Factory that has been designed to fix up skeletons and make them happy once again!

In Happy Skeleton Factory you’re going to need some expert timing and fast reflexes in order to keep yourself employed. You’ll be using your fast reflexes when dragging skeleton parts to the correct workstation as you try to repair as many skeletons as you can! A temperamental chute will be spitting out random body parts onto a moving conveyor belt and you need to be sure to keep them from falling off. If you end up matching the wrong part to a wrong workstation you’ll get a nasty strike against you. If you receive three strikes you’ll be off the job for good!

HappySkeleton2 HappySkeleton1


Hero Siege from Panic Art Studios

Without a doubt Panic Art Studios is one of the best (and one of my favorite) indie developers currently making games for Android. This team of three have made some of the most entertaining games on Google Play like Zombie Kill of the Week, and Rum Isle – but they have really outdone themselves with their newest release, Hero Siege. Hero Siege is a dual stick hack-and-slash roguelike-RPG that is, simply put, a whole hell of a lot of fun! You’ll make your choice between three different character classes (Viking, Marksman, and Pyromancer) and then your adventure begins. You’ll hack, shoot, and blast your way through waves of deadly demons that want to put an end to you. Luckily you have some powerful (and upgradable) weaponry that helps you out along the way. You’re earning XP and loot from each kill you make that can be used to upgrade your characters stats and his appearance.

I could go on and on about why you should download Hero Siege but I think it is best to just highly suggest that you download it right away. This game has been eating up a lot of my free time lately and it is without a doubt one of the best games I have seen in 2013. So head on over to Google Play and grab Hero Siege today! It’s a free download so you have no excuse not to give it a go!

Screenshot_2013-12-15-21-04-32 Screenshot_2013-12-15-21-12-07


Hotline Trail from Rezoner

Good ol’ indie developer Rezoner. This guy has made one of the best puzzlers on Google Play (QbQbQb), one of the weirder endless games (Potato Lagoon), and this time around he has released a wicked (yet seriously frustrating!) 80’s themed endless racer called Hotline Trail. Hotline Trail is essentially an endless top-down motorcycle racing game that filled with a tonne of challenge (think slaloms and roundabouts), but maybe more notably it is oozing a tonne of style. From the initial boot-up you’ll notice the game’s awesome retro style. The game’s logo is perfectly 8-‘s, the gameplay feels old (in a good way!), and it has a killer electronica soundtack that will put you right back in the 80’s!

If you aren’t entirely sold by my awesome description there is a free Flash version of the game available at:

hotline2 hotline1


Hummingbird from Bruno R. Marcos

Hummingbird is a gorgeously simple game that is all about a mother hummingbird that is trying to take its chicks back to their nest.  You’d think this would be a simple project, but being a hummingbird isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. You’ll have to watch out for the different types of wildlife that exists in this world – especially wasps! On your journey you’re going to want to pick flowers to earn points that will allow you to unlock more chapters in the game.

If you’re a fan of action packed games that are rife with colour you should definitely give Hummingbird a download!

See Hummingbird in action: Here

hb1 hb3 hb2


LoneSpace from InsomniakDev

Welcome to LoneSpace. In this universe you are going to be subjected to things unlike anything you have ever seen before. You’ll find that you are now embodied as a small astronaut that is lost in space and searching for any way to get back home to his satellite. This is easier said than done though as you’ll have to pass several trials that keep getting more dangerous each than the one previously. You will need to play with gravity and mines to grab the stars that are essential to making your way home and unblocking the next set of levels. Luckily you have a handy little rocket pack that will help you to pass the most difficult challenges out in the barren universe.

lonespace1 lonespace2


No Brakes Valet from Captain Games

Ah, Captain Games. This indie developer is well known for creating some of the most bizarre games you will find on Google Play. They designed the ludicrous bear driving simulator Enviro-Bear 2010, the wacky olympics-esque game Realistic Summer Sports, and they also made the skull crushing endless hopper Skullpogo. Their most recent creation, No Brakes Valet, definitely continues the strangeness that these devs are known for.

In No Brakes Valet you are a valet with the goal of parking as many cars as you can to earn as much money to make you filthy rich. You’ll be commandeering a wide variety of vehicles that each have their own unique weight, speed, and maneuverability to acclimate too, but every so often you’ll encounter cats with no brakes (hence the game’s title!) which are just a pain in the ass to deal with. It will likely take you a few tries to really get the hang of the gameplay but once you do you’re in for a crushing good time!

nobrakes1 nobrakes2

Quantum from Metals Games

Quantum is a unique new brain-meltingly difficult puzzler from the indie developers at Metals Games. Quantum is all about finding the perfect bounce for your subatomic particles so that you can get them into their corresponding collectors. It sounds simple enough, right? Well, no, it certainly isn’t! You’ll be finding a tonne of challenge in Quantum as you play through its 100 brain crunching levels!

In addition to the challenging gameplay Quantum is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing games out there. It sports a beautiful kaleidoscope art style that is unlike anything else on Android, and it has a killer original soundtrack as well. If you don’t believe me you should definitely take a look at the video below!

See Quantum in action: Here

quantum1 quantum2


XIII – Lost Identity from Anuman

XIII is a new point-and-click adventure game that is based around the classic comic book series XIII by Jean Van Hamme and William Vance. The story revolves around a man with amnesia that has just been washed up a beach. He has no idea of who he is or how he got to be in this situation but he is determined to find the answers to these questions. However, he has only one clue to his identity: the numerals “XIII” tattooed on his neck. Quickly the game’s protagonist finds himself being pursued by mysterious strangers and surprisingly he is wanted for the assassination of the President of the United States of America!

If you’re a fan of point-and-click adventure games you should really check out XII Lost Identity. It is based off some seriously awesome source material, so how can you really go wrong?

See XIII – Lost Identity in action: Here

xiii1 xiii2


Windsquire from Mindgrub Games

Windsquire is the game about a knight that has gambled away his entire fortune and is now intent on beginning an epic quest with his squire to amass a large amount of treasure. These two come upon a mysterious castle tower, and after they reach the top the cowardly knight pushes the squire down the turret, thus plunging the squire to the ground below. While the situation for the squire sounds quite dire he has been lucky enough to land on a pile of treasure and mystic runes. These magic runes infuse the squire with the awesome ability to control the wind, which is sure to help the squire to escape from the dragon which he has now awoken! Yikes!

By harnessing the power of Wind Rune Magic you will fly your way though this treacherous tower while doing whatever you can to keep one step ahead of the hungry dragon that is now in hot pursuit. Lucky for you you’ll come across the armory from time to time which will allow you to upgrade your swords, armor, and magical weapons – which will be essential; as you fly your way through the 100 challenging levels of Dragon Castle!

Fans of endless gamers are sure to eat up what Windsquire has to offer. Head over to Google Play to grab Windsquire for the always appetizing price of free!

See Windsquire in action: Here

wind1 wind2 wind3



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