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Indie RPG Heart Breaker Gets Dynasty Warriors Style Spinoff

One of this years best indie games, the hack ‘n slash dungeon crawler Heart Breaker, is getting an expanded universe thanks to a newly released spinoff title appropriately named Defenders: Heart Breaker Gaiden. While the original Heart Breaker was more of a traditional style action RPG independent developer ASH Games decided to switch things up for Defenders by amping up the scale of each battle to epic proportions and introducing light strategy elements to create an addicting monster basher that fans of Dynasty Warriors will swoon for. Of course all the things that made the original Heart Breaker good like a fan friendly pricing system and uber deep gameplay are still here, there’s just more of an emphasis on killing monsters rather than looting treasure chests this time around.

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Players take on the role of one of a few brave warriors guarding the last gate standing between the last of mankind and an encroaching horde of monsters like zombies, skeletons, and even enormous dragons. In typical RPG tradition, everything in the game revolves around finding ways to boost your stats or finding that one all important piece of loot to use in the next mission. With so many enemies to fight, this time around players will need help and that’s exactly what they get in the form of a dynamic party based system that introduces a light strategy element to the whole affair and it’s also what gives Defenders it’s own special flavor.

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Defenders: H.B. Gaiden is an incredibly addicting followup to one of the best indie games of 2013. You can pick it up now for free on Google Play.

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