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Kickstarter Spotlight: Tiny Trek

Ever wonder what an 8-bit rendition of a game like Mass Effect or Star Trek might look like? Feast your eyes on Tiny Trek, an ambitious new Kickstarter project from Vincere Totus Astrum creator Gamesare Studios that’s shaping up to be what could possibly be the best game of its kind that’s ever been made. This is due to Tiny Trek’s procedurally generated design philosophy, a concept that’s certainly been done before but never as it’s been implemented here.


You see, Tiny Trek is a game about space exploration and pretending to be Captain Kirk smooth talking your way through one harrowing spacey situation after another. Players are given free reign to roam the galaxy which is constantly getting your ship and crew into trouble thanks to randomly generated storylines that offer hilarious choices like accidently insulting the queen of an alien species and triggering an interstellar war. The cool thing is that once that mission is done and over, Tiny Trek still remembers and will sometimes have that alien species place a bounty on your head if you enter their territories or even dispatch an entire armada to hunt you down in future missions. And since absolutely none of that scenario was scripted, the possibilities for intergalactic intrigue in Tiny Trek are virtually endless!


The way Tiny Trek ties every action players take throughout the game together while simultaneously offering a never ending buffet of fresh gameplay is literally a game changer. Players start their game by designing what their particular race will look and be like. Should they come from a hot planet and be overtly hostile yet good at battle, or should they come from a cold planet and be docile yet scientific geniuses? Each choice players make counts since how their race ends up looking directly affects how their spaceship will look and what its capabilities will be. From there they’re free to roam the stars doing all sorts of different missions ranging from epic battles in space, incredible away missions down on a planets surface, or even conducting peaceful diplomatic agreements and trade with newly discovered alien species. The choice is yours.


Does this sound like the kind of game you’d want to play? Help make it a reality! Tiny Trek currently only has about 2 days left in it’s Kickstarter campaign and Gamesare Studios needs your help in order to make it be the best game it can be. Tiny Trek has already achieved its rather modest goal of $4,000 and is now in a vital stage where it is trying to reach its stretch goals which will allow for the hiring of additional coders and artists who can further expand on its missions and content in order to make the best game possible. Tiny Trek is set to revolutionize how procedureally generated gaming works, but they need your help to make it happen, make sure you check out their Kickstarter page and contribute if it’s something you’re interested in.


Tiny Trek -- Kicktraq Mini

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