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2.5D Platformer Sir Hoppity Jumps onto Google Play

I first came across the trailer for Sir Hoppity around a month ago and ever since then I have been more than a little intrigued by it. The game has a unique art style that has obviously been drawn by a child (an 8-year old boy to be precise), but the gameplay itself looks to be pretty dang solid. It plays out in a 2.5D world that shows elements that we’ve seen before in other classic platformers – and that isn’t a bad thing in my books. The game as a whole has caught my interest and I’m pretty excited to finally get to try it out.


Sir Hoppity: Challenge of the Dragon is a game that has been born from the mind of the 8-year old game designer Benjamin Howard. You take control of Sir Hoppity, a rabbit whose girl friend has just been taken away by an evil orange dragon. You set out to get her back with just your  magical carrot sword to defend you. You’ll find that your quest takes you through a mysterious world filled with dark forests, rolling sand deserts, and your ultimate destination: the evil volcano dragon’s secret lair. On your journey you’ll gather up treasure and purchase upgrades for your items that really make a difference when fighting enemies like jumping spiders, angry wasps, sidewinder snakes, and more!


  • Exciting 2.5D platformer with the spirit of classic adventure games
  • Awesome treasures include keys, chests, potions, upgraded armor, and more!
  • Three giant levels filled with enemies, traps, and challenges: dark forest, sun scorched desert, and lava volcano
  • Game design and all character art created by 8-year old Benjamin Howard!


Sir Hoppity looks to be a quality 2.5D platformer that has been created by an 8 year old boy! If you ask me that is pretty friggin’ impressive! So if you’ve been looking for a fun new platformer for your mobile device look no further than Sir Hoppity. It’s a game that is sure to be fun for the whole family.

Developer Website: Coded Velocity

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