Published on January 6th, 2014 | by Craig Forshey


Innovative Shoot ‘Em Up Gunblitz Blasts Onto OUYA

OUYA owners were in for a real treat over the holidays as the highly anticipated bullet hell shoot ’em up Gunblitz from indie developer Rapture Games Studio finally appeared on the Android powered console’s digital marketplace. Originally intended to be an OUYA launch title, Gunblitz is an over the top retro style shooter that puts several unique twists on the bullet hell genre. While upon first glance Gunblitz may resemble classics like R-Type with its old school art design and arcade style sensibilities it also makes a valiant attempt to evolve the side scrolling shooter into something new.

In addition to shooting wave after wave of enemies with a seemingly never ending supply of bullets, players must also manage different aspects of their ship like the shield and coolant systems while simultaneously controlling a secondary targeting system. Players control their ship and its weapons with the left analog stick while aiming a second gun turret with the right analog stick. It can be alot to get used to at first but once you’ve gotten past the first level or two Gunblitz’s unique control scheme begins to feel natural and right.



– Four difficulty levels
– Eleven fast-paced and intense levels
– Five amazing offensive and defensive abilities
– Unique heat-based weapon mechanic
– Insane enemies that just keep coming at you
– Four challenging boss fights
– Unique music for each level and each boss fight
– Vibrant and expressive graphics and visual effects


Gunblitz is a truly unique shoot ’em up filled with addicting gameplay and an amazing soundtrack. It’s available now for both OUYA and PC for only $4.99.


Rapture Games Studio

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  • scott duckworth

    Hey Craig, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this excellent site. I recently got an Xperia Play for the sole purpose of Android gaming, since there are so many great indie and “nu retro” games for android. I’ve been really pleased! I discovered your site a few days ago and I have been wading my way through all the old news posts and have discovered some awesome games in the process.

    Just wanted to say: I think you’re doing a really good thing here, I know it must be tiresome work, but I think the android gaming scene really does have something unique and special about it. I’ve never seen this many high quality games come out in such a short period of time, EVER. So I thank you again for your work here and I’ll continue to read your site! Thanks!

    • Hi Scott! We really appreciate your comments, thanks for being a reader.

      That’s awesome to hear you got an Xperia Play, I still use one too! While it’s starting to show its age there is still no device out there that has yet to beat the Plays integrated controller form factor. It can still play pretty much all the retro style games with controller support since that has become the norm now and developers like Gameloft are even still officially supporting the device.

      • scott duckworth

        I think once I am able to put a custom firmware on my Xperia Play and be able to overclock, it is going to last me for quite a while 🙂 But when it gets to be too slow, there are some nice looking android gaming tablets from JXD like the ones here:

        Unsure if the build quality will be quite as nice as the XP, but the specs speak for themselves, and the price is pretty attractive on some of those.

        • The S7800 series looks pretty killer! I would avoid any of the S600 or S5000 series though, I have both an S601 and one of its successors and the analog pad they use on tablets smaller than 7 inches isn’t the normal kind of analog pad, they’re the slider kind that are really imprecise.

          • scott duckworth

            Awesome, I appreciate the advice!

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