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Kickstarter Spotlight: The Tapping Dead 2

When it was released early last year, indie developer Crazy Cricket struck a chord with gamers everywhere when they unveiled their retro style survival horror sidescroller The Tapping Dead. Featuring classic gaming aesthetics and ultra simple one touch controls that were well suited to mobile devices, The Tapping Dead reimagined the zombie apocalypse as if it were taking place within the confines of a 8-bit video game complete with Donkey Kong style platforming and a charming chiptune soundtrack that put a macabre smile on the faces of old school survival horror fans everywhere. Imagine if The Walking Dead had gotten an official video game back in the NES days and you might have wound up with something like The Tapping Dead.

It seems as if that was all the prelude to a far grander project however as Crazy Cricket has unveiled its plans on Kickstarter for a highly ambitious followup titled The Tapping Dead 2 that takes the gameplay ideas explored in the original game into wild new directions. Like its predecessor, The Tapping Dead 2 is a retro style 2D sidescroller that has players doing their best to avoid becoming zombie snack food while trying to lead a tattered band of charismatic survivors to safety(or at least what little safety that can be had during a zombie apocalypse). Whereas the original game was strictly a hardcore one touch platformer, The Tapping Dead 2 adds an entire shambling hordes worth of new features that greatly enhance both its gameplay possibilities and replayablity.


For starters, things are decidedly more epic this time around thanks to a completely revamped story mode that puts players wits to the test in a variety of situations. It seems the ragtag bunch of zombie slayers from the first game managed to escape the city they were trapped in only to get caught up in a new nightmare being hunted like animals through the woodlands. As they begin to unravel the mysteries behind the walking deads sudden appearance through brand new in-game cutscenes players will find themselves doing much more than just running and jumping this time around as they’ll also have to rescue comrades, complete special objectives, and experience entirely different styles of gameplay. The scenarios are also much bigger this time around and even feature multiple branching story paths for maximum replayability.


One of The Tapping Dead 2’s coolest new additions is the god-mode like power granted by Panic Mode. These specially designated sequences offer a unique respite from all the action by giving your character the ability to freeze time alongside having telekinetic powers. During these sequences players enter a slow motion bullet time style mode and only have a few seconds to decide how best to deal with the menacing group of zombies standing between you and the goal. Should you use your powers to build a makeshift ladder out of stones so you can escape unscathed or do you exact vengeance on the mindless melon munchers by dropping a house down on their head? The choice is yours.


And if you think that wasn’t weirdly cool enough, The Tapping Dead 2’s Summon Mode puts another strange twist on the already bizarre proceedings by allowing players to capture and train different types of zombies as if they were Pokemon. Unique and rare zombie types are roaming all throughout the game and if players can manage to capture some of the stronger zombies they’ll have a powerful trump card to play the next time the undead come a-knocking. Much more than a throwaway gimmick though, the Summon Mode adds an addicting strategy twist that keeps the gameplay feeling fresh. Gotta catch ’em all!


A robust level editor will also be available that allows users to build and share their own creations with other players online, allowing for near infinite replayability.

Does this sound like a game you’d like to play? Then help make it a reality! The Tapping Dead 2 is currently seeking funding for development on Kickstarter and your support could make all the difference in the world. Please take a moment to check out The Tapping Dead 2’s Kickstarter page and be sure to donate if this is the type of game you’d like to see get made.


The Tapping Dead 2 - Mobile Action Platformer -- Kicktraq Mini

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